Anxious for the Holidays!!

I know its not even Thanksgiving yet but I am super anxious so I now have a cliche Holiday Layout. I guess Thanksgiving is considered part of the Holiday Season so I'm not getting too far ahead of myself right? Well last week was utterly nightmarish. The walls are all patched now thanks to my Lovebug. I am holding off on the painting until this house is empty. We've been taking boxes over to his parents house as they got packed and by some miracle I was able to go through everything and have it ready for the garage sale last Saturday. It went really well and we were all able to get rid of stuff that has been sitting and sitting. In my mom's case, some things had been sitting for over 15 years. I was able to score all my baby clothes. My blessing dress is in perfect condition and it's so pretty. My mom had made it and it got Mr. Superman and I so excited to go through the boxes of baby clothes. He really wants a girl first and he's crossing his fingers. Back to the house. We're caught in limbo because we don't want to move all the way out due to our comfort level here. We'll kind of be misplaced until mid January which is when we'll have our very own place again. We do appreciate his parents letting us stay in their empty house though to save money. Great idea Robyn! We're out of boxes too and I'm just putting off driving into Mesa to score some free ones from my favorite alley. Thank you Millie! The progress is slow but sure and we will be in Chandler, all the way, by Saturday. Thanks to Erin for helping and any other help is welcome! Love you all!


Brookelyn said...

Hey RAchelle I'm so glad you found my blog! Oh my goodness I am soo excited for the Holidays too becasuse I get to go home and visit!!! Oh and what is this about baby clothes and blessing dresses?!?!?!

Brookelyn said...

Hey Rachelle I'm so glad you found my blog! I am so excited for the holidays too because I get to go home and visit!!! And what is this about baby clothes?!?!?!

Holly said...

So when exactly are you guys moving? We need to have a big party when you do get here!

Hayley said...

it's so crazy how you have your own house and are doing prep and all this. it is still really hard for me to wrap my head around people who graduated after me being adults out on their own and stuff.

i myself, am desperately attempting to hold onto my childhood. (the less bills the better! :P)
but i'm totally happy for you guys, i'm glad you're happy, and i am too very excited for the holidays!