Better Late Than Never Right??

Well here I am again posting pictures way after the fact. When we were up in Utah in September for Grandpa's funeral, we tried to stay really busy. Loverface took me up to Silver Lake which is like right next door to Brighton Ski Resort up in the mountains. It was a gorgeous drive and only 35 minutes away from Nana's house. It was so serene and peaceful and really was what we needed. Afterwards we ate at a restaurant/lodge that was so yummy. We can't wait until we can go and play in the snow in December!
Mr. always laughs at this picture. He says it looks like I'm stalking the duck and the duck is totally looking over its shoulder.
Enjoying Silver Lake.
It took coaxing to get him to come take a picture with me.
Isn't the lake and mountain beautiful?!!
Isn't the lake and mountain beautiful?!
Loverface wouldn't let me take pictures of him so this is the only one of us together and the lake. Sorry its blurry.
This is me and our good friend Andy. He's a little scruffy but lovable just the same!
Mr. Superman sure is excited because when we move, we'll be ten minutes away from his buddy! Andy is such a goofball.

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Holly said...

I love Silver Lake! I wanted to drive up during conference but I had 2 cranky kids. SIGH....