Collaborative Effort!! Halloween '08

Hey, Loverface here. Halloween was a busy and fun night. We spent it with Mrs S's family. I was exhausted so we headed out about 9:30 and stopped at Sonic on the way home. We were feelin some ice cream so I got my Oreo Sonic Blast and my woman got a Dr. Pepper blended float. Well we're driving home and she stops drinking hers and says its no good. I quote, "This isn't good at all. You can tell they put in way more soda than they did Christmas." I know, you may need to read it again but it is still going to say "Christmas". I have NO idea where it came from but it was hilarious. She meant to say ice cream but that is definitely not what came out. We had a really good laugh after that.
ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. You can all stop laughing now. I knew if he ever posted anything it'd be to poke fun at me :) Well Loverface is right. Halloween was a crazy busy day and night. I spent the day watching kids so Amber and Jeff could attend their children's parties and award ceremonies and so Justin and Gin could deal with their truck. I had fun though. Definitely a good time all around. Well Mr. Superman and I mustered up a little energy and put costumes on. Not really, we just wore football jersey's. I was wearing a Cleveland Brown's one while my boo thang was in an old Cardinal's one. We decided we were dressed as "fans of really bad pro teams". We didn't have much else to offer. Before trick or treating with the kiddies we had an amazing meal of shredded beef tacos that Amber made. Seriously folks, we're talking BEYOND amazing. Then Gin and I got all the girls ready. I did the make-up and some hair while Gin ran the curling iron and did Abby's and B's and Shay's hair. They were all sooo cute. Here are some pics!

Jalen was a Go-Go girl, Bailee Rae was Sleeping Beauty, Abigail was a kitty cat (the only kind we'll ever like), Zac was Spider Man, Shay was Tinkerbell, Jacob was a Storm Trooper (he was too anxious to go out with friends to wait for pictures to be done) and Aiden was a horse. They all looked so cute.Now the ones of those goofy guys on the couch, that's my brother Jared, my dad, and my brother Justin. My dad doesn't have an ounce of fat on his face so he had to hold his eyeballs in. I later discovered I could do it with my glasses. We are all a little goofy.
One last story from that night has gotta be the best. After the Sonic and "Christmas" incident, we were driving down Greenfield Road where there aren't any street lights. All of the sudden I hear Mr. Superman gasp and yell to ask me if I saw that. I had no idea what he was referring to so I asked. This is what followed.
Him: We just passed an 8' mannequin that was dressed in all black. It was creepy, it was leaned up against that tall construction sign.
Me: No I didn't see it. That's crazy. Turn around I want to see it.
We go to our street and turn around and head back towards Germann.
Him: Its not there anymore!
I'm thinking he's just a little too tired at this point. Then all of the sudden...
Him: There! Its walking! What the...
Me: Oh my gosh its a guy on stilts! Stop the car I wanna take a picture!
Him: No, that's creepy, you don't know him.
Me: So, stop so I can go ask him.
We stop the car and Loverface doesn't get out. I run down to where this crazy guy is slowly making his way down Greenfield Road. I asked if I could take a picture and he laughed but said yes. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got the most random kick out of this guy on stilts. I'll hold back the last embarrassing moment of the night. I'm sure Mr. will find an occasion to tell you all anyway. The guy on stilts was dressed as Yoa Ming, the Houston Rockets player.


ginger said...

hey that's a big word in your title!! haha. thanks again for watching the kids while we attempted to get the tires done. too bad it didn't happen. that was a fun night.

Holly said...

Stilts are the thing my nightmares are made of! FREAKY!!!! Nothing more freaky than some dude walking around like that. have you have been to a haunted house and had some clown on stilts come after you? FREAKY!