Long Time No Blog! Warning: Picture Overload!

I know it's been a while and boy have we been busy! Here is just a small taste of what we've been doing.
We moved successfully and thank HEAVENS its done. At least when we move to Utah in January I'll only have a few boxes to pack. It's really not that bad relatively speaking.
I have been busy baking and visiting friends. We attended Aaron's (baby brother) Eagle Court of Honor. I did the whole Twilight midnight showing thing, we've been spending time with family, Thanksgiving came and went, and we've just been trying to have fun!
Erin and I. We went to visit James at the cemetery in early November.
My sweet Grandma Burnham.
Eagle Scout!
So proud!
Abbs and Parker
These are all from us girls venturing out past our bedtimes to stand in line with crazed, hormonal, raging Twilight fans (Yes I think I just described Katie and myself as well) and attended the midnight showing of Twilight. Katie had just read the first two books that week and Gin and Amber took naps to make sure they'd be able to stay awake. Amber... fell asleep anyway. My PERSONAL opinion is that the movie was fantastic.
Twilight hysteria!
Twilight hysteria!
Twilight hysteria!
Twilight hysteria!
Here is how I break it down. Loverface and I talked about the movie and how we both knew it was going to be good but it was going to be impossible to make it as good as the book (I can't think of ANY movie that is as good as the book). I was already going to the movie knowing that it might just be so-so. I was prepared. Also, people complained that it could've been better special effects wise but since it was the first movie in the franchise they couldn't put a whole lot of money into it. Since they have already started filming New Moon, I am expecting the next three to just get better and better. The fact that it grossed 70.5 million in its first weekend is pretty amazing. Huuuuge fan base. Here are some things that impressed me: - Kristen Stewart as Bella. She is amazing. I knew she was going to be great. I loved her dry humor and some of her one liners were awesome. Her awkwardness was perfect. She IS Bella Swan. - The baseball scene was pretty awesome sweet. - Charlie was EXACTLY how I pictured him. - Their cute little house in Forks was EXACTLY how I pictured it. - The part when Edward and Bella are up in the tree and he says.. "It does in my world" is probably the hottest line he had in the whole movie. Also when he says, "Get in the car!" Oooh Oooh Oooh. - The part when they get out of his car at school and he puts his arm around Bella and says "Well if I'm already going to Hell.." He looks HOT and so Edwardish. - The Cullen family was awesome except for Rosalie had a little more junk in the trunk than I thought a perfect girl should have. - James's body. I know I am married but even Mr. can appreciate fine male body engineering. Now on to the things that I was not impressed with: -Edward. I don't know if anyone else thought that he was SO awkward through the whole movie. His facial expression killed me at the part where they are in Science class and when he is sucking James blood out of Bella. I couldn't even handle it. The WHOLE theater burst into laughter. Those were supposed to be intense moments and they could've made them intense without Robert P. having that freaky weird look on his face. Egh. So weird. -And he had no muscles at all. I wasn't expecting Edward to be ripped but come on Robert, work out before you start a movie so you're not pudgy and so you at least have some sort of muscles in your arms. -Edward also DOES NOT HAVE A HAIRY CHEST!!!! The whole part where he shows her that he sparkles in the sun was ruined by that nappy hairy chest. Egh. - There was no hardcore make out scene in his bedroom like there was in the book. The fact that they also put Bella in her gray granny panties made me mad. Edward is supposed to be so against that. She is supposed to be in gray sweats. Hellloooo. BUUUT needless to say, I did love the movie and I cannot wait for the next installment. Last weekend on Friday night we played at the park with the Whites. I woke up the next morning soooo freaking sore! Gymnastics, soccer, football, and tag.... What was I thinking?? Afterwards Jeffrey treated us to Uncle Bear's.
My girls
Loverface. Nuff said.
Love my Jalen Rose.
This was our Thanksgiving. Tons of good food, only like 80 members of my family came, so not quite half but it was good to see the regulars. Volleyball of course, Uno, SkipBo, RAIN RAIN, and tons of LOUD LAUGHTER. What else can you expect from Burnhams?!
Steph, Katie, Me, Jenni Lynn.
Steph, Luci, Me, Jen, Aaron, Steven.
Traditional volleyball game!
Steph, Luci, Me, Jen.
Steph, Luci, Jessica, Me, Jen.
Waiting on food :)
Jenni Lynn and Parker.
My boo thang and I.
Not looking very impressed.
Aiden just cruising with a Tonka.
After Lunch at Carpenter's, Mr. Superman and I went to Amber and Jeff's and we had another AMAZING dinner. My parents, Justin & Gin, & all the kids made for a fun and loud evening. I ended up bathing Shaycee & Aiden and they were such crack ups.
Love these two babes.
Cute bathtime cousins!
Babies with bellies!
Shaycee Marie!
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Love you all!


To Write Love on Her Arms

Today is the day. Its TWLOHA Day! For a few of you, you'll know what I'm talking about. For most of you, this'll be new, a surprise, and hard to understand where I'm coming from. Let me start at four years and two days ago. November 11, 2004 my friend James died. He committed suicide. He was heavy into drugs and self harm. It hit me and my friends really hard and we all got pretty messed up from it. Now, some of us took years to bounce back, others a few months, and others, well, they are still extremely lost and unhappy.
Two years ago I found this organization called To Write Love on Her Arms. This organization is phenomenal and everything they stand for and do for those who are struggling never ceases to amaze me. Their main focus is to help people struggling with self destruction, depression, substance abuse, etc. They are all about providing a safe haven for people and letting them know there is hope and love.
Go to this link and read a little about it.
Go here to read some mind boggling statistics.
This is the second annual TWLOHA Day and the movement is to write the word LOVE on your arm where people can see it and to also tell everyone you love, that you love them. I've heard stories where someone saying 'I love you' or lending a hand stopped someone from committing suicide. Here I am doing my part to spread the word and to encourage all to join in, get involved, and always help those in need. I saw that my Words of Christ today fit right in and found it ironic.
"This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." (John 15:12)
Mr. Superman even joined in and lent his arm in support of this fantastic movement of love and hope.
This was my first attempt.
 Then I saw other supporters displays and I had to vamp mine up a bit!
 Then I saw other supporters displays and I had to vamp mine up a bit!
 Then I saw other supporters displays and I had to vamp mine up a bit!
 Then I saw other supporters displays and I had to vamp mine up a bit!
 Then I saw other supporters displays and I had to vamp mine up a bit!
Here is my main squeeze's. As is his way, its simple but I'm so glad he did this for me and TWLOHA!


Anxious for the Holidays!!

I know its not even Thanksgiving yet but I am super anxious so I now have a cliche Holiday Layout. I guess Thanksgiving is considered part of the Holiday Season so I'm not getting too far ahead of myself right? Well last week was utterly nightmarish. The walls are all patched now thanks to my Lovebug. I am holding off on the painting until this house is empty. We've been taking boxes over to his parents house as they got packed and by some miracle I was able to go through everything and have it ready for the garage sale last Saturday. It went really well and we were all able to get rid of stuff that has been sitting and sitting. In my mom's case, some things had been sitting for over 15 years. I was able to score all my baby clothes. My blessing dress is in perfect condition and it's so pretty. My mom had made it and it got Mr. Superman and I so excited to go through the boxes of baby clothes. He really wants a girl first and he's crossing his fingers. Back to the house. We're caught in limbo because we don't want to move all the way out due to our comfort level here. We'll kind of be misplaced until mid January which is when we'll have our very own place again. We do appreciate his parents letting us stay in their empty house though to save money. Great idea Robyn! We're out of boxes too and I'm just putting off driving into Mesa to score some free ones from my favorite alley. Thank you Millie! The progress is slow but sure and we will be in Chandler, all the way, by Saturday. Thanks to Erin for helping and any other help is welcome! Love you all!


It's The End of the World as We Know It...

Okay so that's a little melodramatic but seriously people, I had more faith in the American public. I gave them all the benefit of the doubt and it blew up in my face and in the face of what America is supposed to be. Today it's been just Aiden and I. We've been hanging out and having a good time. He is playing so good and he makes me so happy. We played with Photobooth and he was absolutely LOVING it. He kept waving at himself. Boy am I going to miss my little buddy. Here's a small part of the fun we're having!


Better Late Than Never Right??

Well here I am again posting pictures way after the fact. When we were up in Utah in September for Grandpa's funeral, we tried to stay really busy. Loverface took me up to Silver Lake which is like right next door to Brighton Ski Resort up in the mountains. It was a gorgeous drive and only 35 minutes away from Nana's house. It was so serene and peaceful and really was what we needed. Afterwards we ate at a restaurant/lodge that was so yummy. We can't wait until we can go and play in the snow in December!
Mr. always laughs at this picture. He says it looks like I'm stalking the duck and the duck is totally looking over its shoulder.
Enjoying Silver Lake.
It took coaxing to get him to come take a picture with me.
Isn't the lake and mountain beautiful?!!
Isn't the lake and mountain beautiful?!
Loverface wouldn't let me take pictures of him so this is the only one of us together and the lake. Sorry its blurry.
This is me and our good friend Andy. He's a little scruffy but lovable just the same!
Mr. Superman sure is excited because when we move, we'll be ten minutes away from his buddy! Andy is such a goofball.


Collaborative Effort!! Halloween '08

Hey, Loverface here. Halloween was a busy and fun night. We spent it with Mrs S's family. I was exhausted so we headed out about 9:30 and stopped at Sonic on the way home. We were feelin some ice cream so I got my Oreo Sonic Blast and my woman got a Dr. Pepper blended float. Well we're driving home and she stops drinking hers and says its no good. I quote, "This isn't good at all. You can tell they put in way more soda than they did Christmas." I know, you may need to read it again but it is still going to say "Christmas". I have NO idea where it came from but it was hilarious. She meant to say ice cream but that is definitely not what came out. We had a really good laugh after that.
ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. You can all stop laughing now. I knew if he ever posted anything it'd be to poke fun at me :) Well Loverface is right. Halloween was a crazy busy day and night. I spent the day watching kids so Amber and Jeff could attend their children's parties and award ceremonies and so Justin and Gin could deal with their truck. I had fun though. Definitely a good time all around. Well Mr. Superman and I mustered up a little energy and put costumes on. Not really, we just wore football jersey's. I was wearing a Cleveland Brown's one while my boo thang was in an old Cardinal's one. We decided we were dressed as "fans of really bad pro teams". We didn't have much else to offer. Before trick or treating with the kiddies we had an amazing meal of shredded beef tacos that Amber made. Seriously folks, we're talking BEYOND amazing. Then Gin and I got all the girls ready. I did the make-up and some hair while Gin ran the curling iron and did Abby's and B's and Shay's hair. They were all sooo cute. Here are some pics!

Jalen was a Go-Go girl, Bailee Rae was Sleeping Beauty, Abigail was a kitty cat (the only kind we'll ever like), Zac was Spider Man, Shay was Tinkerbell, Jacob was a Storm Trooper (he was too anxious to go out with friends to wait for pictures to be done) and Aiden was a horse. They all looked so cute.Now the ones of those goofy guys on the couch, that's my brother Jared, my dad, and my brother Justin. My dad doesn't have an ounce of fat on his face so he had to hold his eyeballs in. I later discovered I could do it with my glasses. We are all a little goofy.
One last story from that night has gotta be the best. After the Sonic and "Christmas" incident, we were driving down Greenfield Road where there aren't any street lights. All of the sudden I hear Mr. Superman gasp and yell to ask me if I saw that. I had no idea what he was referring to so I asked. This is what followed.
Him: We just passed an 8' mannequin that was dressed in all black. It was creepy, it was leaned up against that tall construction sign.
Me: No I didn't see it. That's crazy. Turn around I want to see it.
We go to our street and turn around and head back towards Germann.
Him: Its not there anymore!
I'm thinking he's just a little too tired at this point. Then all of the sudden...
Him: There! Its walking! What the...
Me: Oh my gosh its a guy on stilts! Stop the car I wanna take a picture!
Him: No, that's creepy, you don't know him.
Me: So, stop so I can go ask him.
We stop the car and Loverface doesn't get out. I run down to where this crazy guy is slowly making his way down Greenfield Road. I asked if I could take a picture and he laughed but said yes. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got the most random kick out of this guy on stilts. I'll hold back the last embarrassing moment of the night. I'm sure Mr. will find an occasion to tell you all anyway. The guy on stilts was dressed as Yoa Ming, the Houston Rockets player.