Am I CRAZY?! I believe I am.

Let me just start off by saying that I am literally exhausted!! I apologize ahead of time for any misspelled words or anything that may make ZERO sense. I have now been up for roughly 22 hours. I, my dear ones, am not sleeping for another 10 or so either. Why? Oh because I am crazy. CRAZY IN LOVE!! Ha ha okay that was ridiculously cheesy but I mean really, when it comes down to it, it's true. I am forcing myself to stay up all night (well I already have haven't I?) AND all day so I can go to sleep at about 3 pm this afternoon. I plan on sleeping from then until about 11 pm then loading up my car with goods. When I say goods I am referring to a case of 36 Dasani water bottles, some fabulously delicious Gardettos & sunflower seeds, some ridiculously organized and meticulously packed luggage, and this woman right here.

Then it is of to Texas!! What's in Texas? Oh just the most amazing man ever!! Him!!

So like I said, it all comes down to love. Without love, I would not be awake so I could sleep later to avoid sleep on my drive to see him. Love is what will keep me running I am sure. We will arrive in Texas at our hotel around 3 or 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Upon arriving we (Erin & I) have plans of settling in, eating, showering, and going to sleep. We have to wake up at 4:30 am on Thursday (which just so kindly happens to be 2:30 AZ time) to be on base in time for the orientation we have to attend. YAY!!

The time has FINALLY arrived to see my loverface aka my adoring and loveable husband. He has done amazing and just from his letters and phone calls I can tell he is a completely different person now. I am so nervous and I have huge butterflies when I think of seeing him but I am so utterly excited. Hopefully this weekend goes as slowly as the last two months have. Wish me luck dear ones and pray for me on the road to Texas!!


Lindsey Layton said...

Horray!!!! Have SO MUCH FUN! And be safe :o)

Robyn said...

Praying for you on the drive and will see you on Thursday!!! Excited to see you and Cody...it's been too long! <3 <3 <3