The scariest and most bizarre thing happened just now. Okay, like 15 minutes ago because this incident didn't hinder me from eating some delicious beef enchiladas smothered in red sauce, sharp cheddar, and shredded lettuce. SO good. Well I bake my enchiladas, then take them out to pour the sauce on, then bake them for another 5 or 10 minutes. I took my enchiladas out and poured the sauce on when halfway through, there was a loud CRACK! and I got splattered with red sauce. This has never happened before but I'm guessing the temperature of the sauce was too low to be put into contact with the hot ceramic. I use this pan every time but I guess it just had to crack under the pressure this time. Clean up is going to be horrible. There is nothing worse or more difficult to clean up than grease based foods. At least I have a full tummy now.


-The Bergen Family- said...

baking soda does well with cutting through grease

Aaron said...

Hhaha that is pretty crazy sister!

Robyn said...

Glad you got a full tummy first! =}