Feelin' a Little Crafty!

I have been feeling very crafty lately. Almost every night, I lay awake for HOURS because all of the ideas I have bouncing around in my head. Decorating is so exciting and I have so so so many blogs I love to look at and get ideas from. I have a love for funky and eclectic things as well as vintage decor. I stumbled upon this blog The Graphics Fairy (click my post title, and it'll take you there) and decided to just print an image I liked, and put it together with some ribbon inside my sea shell frame.

Here is the white frame I got when I was like 14 and a few weeks ago I just hot glued a ton of broken sea shells I had collected from the state park beach in FL.

Here is the image I found and printed from The Graphics Fairy blog. Its from an antique book, I believe it was the cover.

I trimmed the cover down then without having first planned on it, I pulled off a fabric cover on a basket I had received as part of a gift forever ago. I cut it into strips to help frame the picture.

I am OBSESSED with the fleur de lis symbol so I found another image that incorporated that.

Instead of breaking out my hot glue gun, I just used double stick tape to get everything to stay together. Since I was planning on filling the entire frame, I didn't use a matte so I stuck everything directly to the back of the frame backing.

I finished it off with a border of some fantastic brown satin and mesh ribbon.

Here is the finished product :) I am going to get some dark stain and darken up the frame just a little then probably sand the edges and corners.

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Joe and Maren said...

I am not crafty like this. It's super cute and I love it! And by the way since I am the crappiest friend ever...... Happy birthday! How was it?!?!?!?!?