More Homey Home Pictures

I have big dreams for my house. The problem is, my house is too small for most of them. I compromise by majorly downsizing but I'll share them anyways.

We were able to get our tiny little guest bathroom completed with a few small touches. My MIL is coming to stay for a week after my surgery so it needed to be done. Here are the before and afters.

That gold star basket was given to me by my sister and I love it. It didn't go with the bathroom though so I spray painted it black. We also didn't have towel racks so we got some on sale. I have a love affair with the color red, its in almost every room, this one is no exception.

Our front room is amazing. I love our mantel and our fireplace and what I have been able to do with it. We only had one tiny little couch and we have been wanting a sectional so badly. Thankfully my MIL is amazing and for our Christmas/Birthdays (since they are all close together) got us one!! It was delivered yesterday and we love it. Its so comfy and so fantastic and fits perfectly in our room. Thank you Robyn!!

This freed up our little couch for another engagement. It is now residing in our little office. Its a perfect match.

One of my other favorite spots in the house is my desk nook. I love it. There are pictures of family and friends and of course, my love and I . I love my leopard chair and my candles. I just love it.

The room that is currently sitting mostly empty is our spare room. We of course would love to make it super pretty with a bedroom set or absolutely adorable with baby stuff but we don't want to jump the gun either way. The shelf that I did hang up in there was made by my mama and I got it for my 8th birthday. It never got stained though and got shoved back in the barn at my parents house. Last year, my mama had a garage sale and I found the shelf. It came with me to UT then to GA. I had to reassemble it and patch it up pretty good. I have plans to do some crackle paint on it but want to wait until the rest of the room is done to choose the color. I went ahead and put some nick nacks on the shelf and had to get creative with rigging them up to stay up there. Wire and hooks my friends, wire and hooks. The white frame I have had for a good 7 years and I decided to give it a face lift with a bunch of broken shells I got while visiting Panama City Beach FL. We just need to find the perfect picture to put in it.

There you have it. Our house mostly finished. Loves!!


Amy Juhasz said...

Your new couch makes me want to take a nap it looks so comfty! I too love the color red. It's worked in our bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. Your home is looking so dang cute! Makes me want to re-decorate our own a bit!

PhotosbyMillie said...

Jealous! Your house is so cute, and that COUCH!!
I was thinking the other day about your book, and your descriptions about the office decor.

Please keep writing!

Robyn said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I can hardly wait to come visit in person...see you in a week! <3 <3 <3

Brayden's Mommy said...

You decorated really gorgeously! Your house is beautiful!
PS I also have a love affair with red!LOL