Tips For Twenty-Ten (2010)

I got this from my sister this morning and got a laugh out of it. It started my day off right so I thought I would share. Enjoy lovelies!

#1: Stay out of trouble

#2: Aim for greater heights.

#3: Stay focused on your job.

#4: Exercise to maintain good health.

#5: Practice team work.

#6: Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back. Take your time trusting others.

#7: Save for rainy days.

#8: Rest and relax.

#9: Always take time to smile.

#10: Realize that nothing is impossible.

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Robyn said...

Oh my gosh! Cracked me up! How funny! Is this an email? Can you forward it to me? Funniest thing I've seen all day- thanks for sharing! <3