22, Decorating, Surgery, and Job Hunting

Well... I am now 22 years old. CRAZINESS. I spent the day by waking up at, no kidding, 2:22 in the morning. True Story. I tried to sleep but gave up by 3:30 and got up to watch t.v. until Cody woke up. He stumbled into our living room at 5:30'ish. After he got ready for work I opened all of my wonderful gifts! I got some sweet swag I must admit. Cody got me a GPS which I have been dying to have forever now. I got some adorable headbands (handmade by my SIL), a great bag (courtesy of another SIL), a sweet puzzle (another SIL), our fantastic sectional (MIL), some mula (Nana and Grammy), a slew of amazing gifts from my mother, a gift card from Amber... I think that's everything. Sorry if I left anyone out and thank you to everyone! I made out pretty good. I spent a lot of time at my doctor's office for my pre-op appointment. I got to see Cody when I took him lunch and when he got off work, we went to this phenomenal Italian place. BEST FOOD EVER. It was seriously the most amazing Italian food I have ever had. We finished off the night with cheesecake, a movie, and cuddling. It really was a great day. I have the best husband ever.

I had this temple picture that my mama made for us along with the faith, hope, love sign which was a gift from one of Cody's cousins but I needed something else to complete this little corner. I found that frame for 2 dollars at Walmart, printed off a couple images and pieced them together, then made it pretty with ribbon. I think it all goes great together.

Cody had these frames custom made for me for our first ever Christmas together back when we were still dating. I absolutely love them. I had them hanging in our room but this wall in our living room was much too bare for my taste. I moved them and added ribbon to the back of them to make them look they there were all hanging from it. Nice touch eh?

I had a Hobby Lobby adventure (courtesy of my birthday money) that was AMAZING and worthy of all my wildest dreams. I topped it off with a trek to the clearance aisle at Walmart then came home and had a ball putting everything together. I got some flowers and these colored foam ball things and put together two good looking vases. The orange, red and gold toness go perfect in my dining room. They are on the table for now but when I get my sideboard, they'll be going on that with some lamps because we have ZERO lighting in there right now. The blue and green ones are in our room. We are in the process of redecorating and blues and greens are the accent color.

These frames were all under 3 dollars, I spray painted them, and put in those fantastic ferris wheel photos. I also used a bunch of trinkets and old jewelery to amp them up a little. I can't wait until my rooms done!

I was wanting to get our spare room as "finished" as I possibly could for when my MIL came to stay after my surgery. I got this poster, poster frame, and lamp with my birthday money. I put ribbon around the poster frame to make it a little less "cheap" looking and I LOVE it. These other frames were from the dollar store. I used stuff I already had to amp these up too and found all the images on The Graphics Fairy. I love that site! (Sorry for the poor photo quality, they are 1,000 x's cuter in person.)

I had my surgery on Wednesday the 20th. He had to open up my entire belly button along with the other incisions so the recovery has been a little rougher than expected. My incision opened up the other day so I am hurting all over again. The bandaid they told me to put on them left my raw. Its been awful! I don't have my follow up until the 8th of February and hopefully I'll get all my questions answered. There was good and bad news that came out of the surgery but I am okay for now. I am so grateful I have Cody and that he was able to give me a blessing the night before.

I have been job hunting for the last three days. I'm just living on my couch right now so its been giving me something to do. I have had little success. Why? Oh because 99% of the jobs I've applied to and inquired about have been total SCAMS. It is so irritating but I did get one promising response back so hopefully (Pray for us1) it turns out to be something great. That's it for now everyone. Hope you are all getting along splendidly.


ginger said...

seriously! you are your mother's child!! only you guys find those kind of deals. I could've gone the same day and looked and not found a thing :) awesome. good luck the with job hunting :)

Robyn said...

It is so fun to see your pictures now that I've actually been there and have seen things in person! So cute! Very creative and very talented! Good luck with the job hunt and please feel better soon! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Everything your doing looks so cute!! Hope your feeling better.