Award Season in Blogland

I usually feel terrible when I am given an award by a blog reader and I don't post about it. Its one of those things where I was real gung-ho about it at first and as more time goes on, my follow through dwindled. I am super appreciative though.

A long time ago, Allie from My Marine and Me gave me the Happy 101 Award. Thanks dollface!

Today, one of my all time favorite Lovelies from Riding the Roller Coaster let me know she had passed on two awards to me as well. Thanks woan! You're the best :)

I always try to update my Awards Page but sometimes my brain thinks about doing it and then forgets so if you have given me one, and don't see your name listed, just let me know. I don't mean to intentionally leave anybody out.

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Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Congrats on the awards darling! You deserve them all!