Reasons Why Mr. Superman & I Were Made For Each Other

Its not uncommon for people in love to say, "We're meant for each other" or "We were made for each other", especially when you're as cheesy, gag me in love as Mr. Superman and I are. I often laugh at the little things we love about each other and its pretty normal for Mr. Superman or I to say, "That is why we are perfectly matched." I came up with just a few things that shows just how well we fit together.

  • Mr. Superman is the oldest in his family and has three younger sisters. He totally gets the 'super emotional, erratic, nonsensical' way of thinking most females get at least once a month.
  • I was second to the youngest and have four brothers. I grew up with the rough and tough playing cops and robbers and getting shot point blank with rubber-band guns. A few busted lips, busted eyebrows, and a couple incidents of cracked skulls and road rash from ramping bikes taught me to toughen up a bit. 'Nuff said.
  • He understands that watching football is nearly painful for me so he doesn't push it. When it comes to basketball though, he's met his match. He dreaded breaking the news to me that Raja Bell was in talks with The Spurs for the 2010 season and comforted me when I began to cry. Thank heavens he signed with The Jazz. 
  • He is able to hold his own in our verbal/sarcasm sparring matches. Hold his own, yes but I still always win :)
  • We are able to talk cars. He finds it sexy but for me, its just something I like. He laughed when I wrote him while he was in Basic about watching Quantum of Solace and all the guys were wondering what car James Bond was driving. I just kind of spit out, "Its an Aston Martin DBS." and received quite a few shocked looks. Those looks increased when I then identified the Alpha Romeos in another chase scene. Like I said, I just enjoy nice cars.
  • He buys me cheesecake, tampons, and bubble bath when I need them most. He also will draw me baths and give me incredible back rubs without me asking.
  • I know how much he loves his comics so I send them via email every single day so he can get his bit of laughter even in The Sandbox.
  • He knows how irritated I get when I'm out alone and men begin to hit on me at the car shop while getting my oil changed or my tires rotated. They think I'm just another woman and then they begin to stutter when I start speaking car and driver. "Duh ah um dah da ummm" Okay, close your mouth dumb nuts and look at my eyes.
  • We are both Harry Potter fiends. He doesn't hold it against me that my obsession is borderline out of control.
  • He looks forward to my stories such as picking up a coffee table and while its getting loaded into my car the guy begins to try talking sound systems. It took me a while to realize he spotted my amp and was offering to help me get a sub. "No, I already have a sub. I just had to take it out so I could re-strip the main power wire and clamp it back down to the amp." Cue the normal "Duh ah um dah da ummm"
  • He understood my excitement over finally having my sound system back in running order. I had never been more excited about a wire, a clamp, and a soldering gun. 
  • I send him oatmeal cream pies, crushed red pepper and miniature ranch cups on a regular basis otherwise I know he'd lose his sanity :)
  • I rub his gimpy little knees for him. Four knee surgeries and a whole lot of scar tissue cause some discomfort dontchaknow. 
  • He is extremely perceptive and knows just the right things to say, right when I need them most. 
  • I've learned to not only watch in silence but almost enjoy his nerd TV time. You know, MythBusters, Man vs Wild, and Dirty Jobs. 
  • We both understand the fundamentals to a happy life. "Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica."
  • He wants to be a daddy just as bad as I want to be a mommy.
From dating fresh out of high school
To finally being engaged
To Married Life 101
Having our first airport reunion
Shortly followed by another round of, "I love you"s and "See you later"s
Even 8,000 miles away he can put a smile on my face by striking a macho pose.
We have always been there for each other and know without a doubt, that God created him for me and I for him.

We were made for each other.


Beka said...

<3 it!!

kelsey lauren said...

so cute!! i'm so happy for you two.. definitely made for one another.

Miss E said...

:D This post made me get the biggest smile. Y'all are for sure the cutest couple I have ever "met"

Katie said...

This had me laughing and crying! You two are adorable!

Steph said...

That's so sweet!

chambanachik said...

How sweet! I have to say, I really like the "Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica" part. :) Yea Office!

Neidy said...

Aw :D <3 Couldn't be more perfectly fitting like puzzle pieces (I know it's cheesy...but...it's like I'm happily puking for you because it's adorable!)

AF wifey said...

Oh man you two are super adorable! Kind of remind me of me and my hubs!

Mel said...

So cute!

annoyed army wife said...

Ah, too cute (and a little gag inducing). I always read OccDoc's car mags before I send them so I can impress him with my crazy car knowledge on the phone, then he gets my care package and realizes I just lifted quotes from his magazines. Ha ha!

Allie said...

Soooooooooo cute! (:

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

This is so sweet. You two really do seem like such a perfect couple!

Amanda said...

This post is too cute! Love it.

Brie said...

Um, miss, you owe me a new heart. You just melted mine. You two are so cute! And the engagement picture of you with the curly blonde hair? I LOVE YOUR HAIR. For real. *dies*

Whitney said...

So cute!!!

100% love. I wanna do a post like this.

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addicted2shius said...

I love it!!!

addicted2shius said...

Booo my comment didn't post the first time!

But I love it and I love how awesome you guys are together!!!!!


Monica A. Heimes said...

Way cute!! Love the post! :)

Maranda said...

Yup. You guys have that "I want to puke you are way too ooey gooey" kind of love. Congratulations! ;-)