A Refresher Course in Lovelies

I just finally had a chance to sit down and update all of the Lovelies pages and thought with all of the new followers who may or may not be familiar with them, I'd re-post them. Its also for those who may have changed their domain or blog name but I haven't caught it yet.

The first picture will take you to the post that explains it all and the rest of them are pretty self-explanatory. Just find your branch and go view the list to make sure you are listed and listed correctly.





Happy almost Thanksgiving!!


Brie said...

Thanks for adding me to your lovely list, love!

(Whoa, that was a lot of "L")

Navy Bride said...

Very Awesome! I am loving the list and can't wait to find blogs to befriend!

♥ Dani said...

I'm a new follower and I'm a Marine's gal. Thanks for all the great links to check out!

Birdie said...

Thanks for making me feel super lame!! I haven't updated any of my lists in forever:(

Erin said...

Thanks for putting me on the list! :) Though, I think I might have been on it before. :)