Big Fatty Thank You

In the last 9 months or so I have been so blessed to be able to become a part of this awesome Blogging Community and even moreso, the Mili(tary) Blogging Community. When I made the decision to jump in and change from an all family blog to something a little more substantial, I never dreamed I'd gain readers or make actual friends who I now consider dear to my heart. As I got better at this blogging thing, I then started receiving cutesy awards that never failed to put a giant smile on my face. Even though I loved having these posted in my sidebar which eventually graduated to an awards page up top, its come time to delete them. I am so happy for all those who passed them on but its time. Here's a final peak at the awards that were passed onto me and the fabulous bloggers who passed them.

A last Big Fatty Thank You to these Lovelies!!

♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥
♥ Confessions of a Sailor's Wife ♥ 
♥ Forever Yours. Semper Fi ♥
♥ My Life As An Air Force Wife ♥

♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥

♥ We See the Same Stars ♥ 

♥ Rambling Military Wife ♥

♥ Life as a Cajun Bombshell ♥
♥ Stetsons, Spurs, and Stilettos ♥

♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥
♥ Life As a Sailor's Girl ♥
♥ The Resor's: A Marriage & A Mistress Named the Marine Corps ♥
♥ Letters From Base ♥
♥ Confessions of a Sailor's Wife ♥
♥ The Ambitious Gurl: The Military Wife ♥
♥ Young But Not Completely Dumb ♥
♥ The Stinker Pinkers ♥

♥ Forever Yours Semper Fi ♥

♥ Sharing the Stories of Our Lives ♥
♥ Far From the Safe Harbor ♥
♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥

♥ Navy Doll ♥
♥ All of my Fabulous Readers who Voted for Me♥

♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥

♥ It's a Hooah Life ♥

♥ Annoyed Army Wife ♥

 ♥ Everything Happens For a Reason ♥
♥ Head in the Game Heart in the Sand ♥
♥ It's Something Beautiful ♥
♥ My Camo Colored Wife ♥
♥ City Light & Camo Nights ♥

♥ G.I. Joe's Wife ♥
♥ Flip Flops & Combat Boots ♥
♥ We See the Same Stars ♥
♥ Just Me ♥

♥ G.I. Joe's Wife ♥

♥ Forever Yours Semper Fi ♥

♥ Riding the Roller Coaster ♥
♥ Living the Life of an Infantryman's Wife ♥ 
♥ Dogtags & Pearls ♥
♥ ABU's & Cute Tennis Shoes ♥
♥ Hope Floats ♥
♥ Faith & Deployments ♥
♥ A Lot 'O Curls and A High and Tight ♥
♥ Army Wife ♥
♥ Romancing Rachel ♥

♥ The Stinker Pinkers ♥
♥ Outside the Lines ♥

 ♥ My Marine and Me ♥

♥ Riding the Roller Coaster ♥

 ♥ Romancing Rachel ♥


Monica A. Heimes said...

Those are a ton of awards! :) Thank you for handing them out.. you have alot of great picks on there that I LOVE READING! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Holy awards!! :)

Steph said...

Holy crap! How long have you hoarding those?

Beka said...

Hahahah, that's awesome! What Steph said;)

annoyed army wife said...

Yay! I'm so glad I got to meet a blogging celebrity such as yourself. ;)

Reina said...

What can we say... you're fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen a long before with this many awards! Wowzers!

R said...

I am not worried YET that he hasn't received his letters. I figured at least a month so the fact he hasn't gotten them isn't scaring me yet. And they haven't been sent back to me yet so don't worry...yet.