Thursday Five

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This week's words are


This week I have begun working out after a long 6 months of being told I couldn't. I still didn't get the go ahead but I'm doing it anyway. The idea of the flabbyfatty coming off soon makes me Happy.

Mr. Superman called me earlier this week and it was a total shock and surprise. Immediately I was so giddy and happy and definitely Jubilant.

In the wake of everything I have had going on and happening in the last year, I have lost the remainder of 'friends' I thought I had including the once raved about Brighteyes (Bestie). Despite my sadness and frustration over this, I have realized many things and met an absolutely fabulous person who is seriously the best thing since sliced bread. Decorating, designing, thrifting, cutting and coloring hair, gorgeous, she does it all. Not to mention she has four kids I get to cuddle and love on on a near daily basis.  Having her as a friend, a good one at that, makes me Grateful.

Talking to my mama and thinking about her forcing me to meet her for lunch on my BDAY on Saturday makes me feel very, very Loved.

Waking up with strep I knew was bound to hit me sucked HARD but realizing I already had the antibiotics and therefore skipped out of a doctor's visit made me Thankful.


Jennie Pie said...

hey mrs. s!!! It's been a long time since I have checked in. Been MIA die to morning sickness. I am sorry to hear you have strep throat! We have been very sick in our fam this week and even hospitalized for dehydration! Yuck! Strep is the worst because your throat hurts soooo bad!!! I am glad you got to skip out on the annoying wait to see the doc and just nip it in the bud. And yay for new friendships! Looking forward to catching up on your bloggie!!


A Marine's Wife! said...

I'm so happy you are able to look on the bright side of EVERYTHING! I miss chatting with you BTW!

Team Mama said...

So I forgot to ask before- did Erin leave for her mission? Wasn't she due to go in December?

Katie said...

Great Post! Love all the optimism, I'm sure you inspire tons of people to smile everyday no matter what. Me included! X-)

Allie said...

So glad you got to hear from Mr Superman! And I am sorry for the bestie situation (it sucks royally when that happens) but kudos for finding another awesome person to hang with.

ginger said...

yeah for working out again!! It will help you feel better for sure :) I always knew your purse would hold up good for something with all those meds in there :) Lol!! I hope you have a fab lunch for your bday!

Beka said...

that's a pretty good list:)

addicted2shius said...

I'm sorry :( sometimes He puts ppl in our lives for a purpose and then after that purpose has been fulfilled they fade away. Don't mourn for that loss but find the joy they served as part of your life :)