Words Of Wisdom From Mr. Superman: Birthday Style

What do you get when you combine Mr. Superman in Afghanland with my birthday?


She was Sergeant Hooker. 

Okay, I'll rewind and let you get comfy before I type out those words again. It'll probably make more sense that way.

Hey all!! 
I am still sick with strep (my HHT makes illness last a lot longer than for 'normal' people) and I am still missing my loverface like crazy but guess what? 
I am now officially 23
I know, big whoop right? 
For me, my birthday was pretty good but honestly, I was more excited that it was another milestone down towards Mr. Superman coming home.
I will be back with a recap of my BDAY just as soon as I find my camera cord and recap December. 
You know, from last year
I'm a slacker. 
I got a pretty fabulous email from Mr. Superman himself the day before my BDAY (Friday) and thought I'd share a few bits.

"Hey baby girl,

Well I'm glad your flowers arrived safely.  By the way, I'm the one that doesn't deserve you.  I'm sorry that they weren't exactly a surprise but that's life with a joint bank account.  Plus its not like I can currently pick them up on my way home from work.  I wanted them to get there tomorrow but they don't deliver on Saturday.  Oh well.  It's your birthday here anyways so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You are officially my cougar once again.  I really hope you start to feel better soon so that you can enjoy your day.  
(Insert a big email full of stuff I am not sharing on the blog)
On a final note, I would like to share with you a funny story.  Well not so much of a story but you will laugh (hopefully) nonetheless.  So I was at the chow hall for midnight chow after I finished my job.  I had gotten my food and was going to get a water bottle to drink and passed an Army woman and happened to glance at her name tape.  When I read her name I did a double take and turned and had to check it again.  At that point it was all I could do to not laugh.  Can you guess what her name was?  HookerShe was Sergeant Hooker.  Freaking hilarious.  I couldn't believe it.  Unfortunately she looked like no hooker you would imagine.  She was like 5 foot 1 and plump.  Really plump.  But the name was enough for me.  I don't know how you could go through life being named Hooker but I guess she has managed. 
(Some more goopy stuff I won't share)
Happy Birthday lover!"


R said...

Now how could that make you not laugh a bit. Very cute!

Katie said...

Gah, I love that husband of yours! You two are so stinkin' perfect for each other!!!

Sarah said...

*dying laughing* Oh. My. Gosh! That is freakin' hilarious!!!!! =D It is a miracle she's gone through life with that name. I mean, seriously, can you imagine HIGH SCHOOL with the last name 'hooker?' Ah, SGT Hooker... Gotta love it!!!

P.S. My flowers from the Sandbox weren't a surprise either. Joint accounts... Oh well.

Holly said...

I'm sad you're still sick.

but that is HILARIOUS!

Happy birthday.

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

haha!! thats hilarious! :)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday!

Brie said...

Hahaha. When my husband and I moved out to 29 Palms, Cali for his MOS school he befriended a private named Hooker. Private Hooker. It killed me!!

Amanda said...

That is a freakin' riot. Unless you are her, of course. Then I bet it's just a big, old daily eye roll. lol

Happy late birthday! :)

Miss E said...

Now that is just too funny! I love the stuff that y'all say... it always make me laugh

Jessica said...

now that is too funny!!!!!!!
love it!

JG said...

Hahaha! That's awesome! Poor girl. But then, probably, after going through life like that, you get to the point where you OWN it. "Yeah, my name is Hooker, what's your point?!!?"

addicted2shius said...

Nice! Now I'm pondering what I would do if I had that name haha. Sounds like a trashy Halloween costume!

Steph said...

Haha... that's funny. Poor Hooker!

Allie said...


Awwww to the flowers!

And I am laughing out loud at work at the Sgt Hooker story. Too hilarious!

Shana said...

LOL! Your husband explains people like mine. I ask about (insert females name here) and I get the truth of what she looks like before he even answers the question. I love their honesty!
Happy Birthday!