Mrs. S. Speaks English


Brandi said...

I loooove vlogs! You sound adorable even when sick. :D

lol Carmel, you said it right. :D

Goodnight moon said...

I also say "crown" not crayon. I know I'm wrong, but that is the way I have ALWAYS said it.

You mean you don't call soda, "pop"? LOL!

I hope you feel better!!!!!

JG said...

Aww! I'm sorry you're sicky. :( But you are too cute. Not to mention I love the composition of this video, with your red shirt and goldish(?) wall. Too pretty.

Don't be hatin' on the Coke people. Do you call each tissue by its brand, or are they all Kleenex? :)

Beka said...

your voice? could be WAY worse.
most of those words? i say exactly how you do. gramma, grampa. ;) soda.
oh please, i don't know if i could have a straight face and have people asking for coke-coke-coke.
oh my.
hahaha! buggy?! what the heck?! totally a cart.
remote, we don't call it that. we call it "the channels". brilliant, huh? ;) "someone find the channels!! ____ is gonna be on soon!!"

cute vlog, dear:) i loved it!

Jenifer said...

Loved your Vlog.
I totally get the whole "buggy" thing. I think it is my biggest pet peeve from the south. Hearing mom's tell their kids, "You better stop actin' up or I'm gonna stick you in the buggy" LOL

Kara said...

Channel Changer!! You are the only other person I know who calls it that!! I totally grew up calling it the channel changer. Maybe it's an Arizona thing, lol... I also say "cran" for crayon.

Reina said...

I love this! Loved seeing your beautiful face and hear your voice!! Dave was like, weren't you just watching this? Because I watched 3 people and I had to explain who each one was and what the point of the dialect vlog is!!

PS. I think I should do mine... but I'm tech deficient and don't know how to do it.

pps. I think some people might think I have an accent cuz I'm SOOO asian :)

Sarah said...

Hey, hey, hey. Don't be hatin' on the South! Just because we call our Dr. Pepper "coke" doesn't mean we're crazy or stupid!! =P

I'm sorry you're sick, though. Strep really sucks...so does bronchitis. I hope you feel better soon!!

Team Mama said...

I laughed about the "coke-cola" thing for all soda when I lived in Alabama. Other Southern terms that tickled me were, "quit your fussin'" and "give me some sugar" (not literally sugar, but a kiss from a little one).
I think most of the west is fairly non-regional in accents- having lived in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Some exceptions- mostly rural areas.
Anyway- feel better soon! We've got a big adventure coming up really soon!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. :( But I loved the v-log! I think you sound cute. What a neat idea. Maybe one of these days I can do one. Maybe put a bag over my head or something. ;)

chambanachik said...

Awesome! Loved it!

Maranda said...

Cute! I think you sound pretty normal. Loved your answer to the rain thing...that would be mine too.