Deployment Brain Fo' Shizzle


We've all heard about 'deployment brain'. 
It makes you forget, you kind of lose track of days and what time it is, things are helter skelter..... but NOBODY told me that I was going to freaking lose my head and almost every personality trait that made me a good house wifey in the course of my husband being gone. 

Why didn't anyone tell me? 
I feel like I am seriously going crazy. 
I wake up and always feel like its two days later than it actually is. 
Countertops are all a jumble of unopened mail, two week old ads, empty Sonic cups, dirty and clean dishes, screws, nails, paint brushes.... 
I feel like I'm in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and I can't escape this person I've become over the last two hundred some odd days. 
Its mind boggling.

I start a project and get distracted then I put my phone somewhere then I have to pee then I can't remember where my phone is and I start freaking out then I realize I need food since I can't remember the last time I ate then I sit down to watch tv and I check my email a hundred times before I convince myself its impossible because Mr. Superman doesn't have internet.

I'm losing it. 
Actually, I'm pretty sure I've already lost it.

The other thing about 'deployment brain'... 


Describes me to a tee. 
I sincerely hope Mr. Superman's return marks the glorious and very much welcomed return of my brain.


annoyed army wife said...

I was the opposite. I think I had superhuman powers. Never lost my keys, always had my phone in sight, didn't sweat the small stuff, etc. Now that he's back it's all gone to hell.

Nicole Marie said...

I have not gone through a deployment yet, but my husband has been gone on a lot of training exercises lately and I have noticed that my problem is I can't go to sleep at a decent hour, and I sleep in way to late!

I feel so guilty and I can't seem to get out of the rut.

I do go to the gym more often though.

Sarah said...

Girl, I know exactly how you feel!!! I thought I lost my ID card today... I put it in my purse side pocket while at the pharmacy...pulled out my phone later and realized my card wasn't in there. I searched the ENTIRE passenger side of the car only to see it in the floorboard as I was getting out. *sigh* My house is a wreck too. As this year goes on, I'm slowly losing more of my normal brain. I WANT IT BACK!!!

milosgirl8 said...

I definitly know how deployment brain is. I am recently going through R&R brain just trying to get ready and make sure everything is in its place before Solder gets home. :)

PS: I also awarded you an award! I love your blog and the things you say. Take care. Xoxo

Mrs. K said...

Your normal, Mrs. S brain will return! The last part was the worst for me, too.

Steph said...

Ugghhh... it should be about over though right? I have a feeling you'll get your brain back when Mr. Superman comes home.

Katie Ann said...

What a cute poem, I love it! I have no experience like this to realate to. BUT....you are amazing and have been such a great examlple for the WHOLE family! Your faith shows in all you do while Cody is gone. I'm so excited for you to be home and be able to be that much closer to seeing him! Love you girly!

Mrs. M said...

my husband has been home for just over a month, and i'm still trying to beat the deployment brain. the biggest thing for me is that i now don't have to do everything myself anymore. i still try, but eventually things go back to normal!

Jessica said...

I think you just described my house...I am pretty sure I have countertops in the kitchen somewhere just can't tell for all the junk on them.

Oh, I so have deployment brain (this time is way worse than previous deployments)

Dr. Army Wife said...

Aww, I love Shel Silverstein. Just keep chugging along!!!

Mrs. H said...

I feel that way now and he's only gone for 3 weeks! I guess that's the life huh?

Maranda said...

It's kind of crazy how deployment brain sounds a lot like my current baby brain. So frustrating!

Kimberly In Seattle said...

Awhh *hugs*