Where In The World Has She Been?

Yeah I know that's what all you have been thinking right?
Let me tell you, its has been a cuh-razy couple weeks.
Here's a run down of what I, along with Mr. Superman's mom, have been up to.

February 17th: The last time I got more than 4 hours of sleep
February 18th: I realized all of my procrastination in packing was severely detrimental to my need for sleep and goal to get on the road by 0500 the next day
February 19th: Woke up and tip-toed around the house with my MIL gathering last minute things, got in the car and finally on the I-10 at 0640 then crashed out while she drove. When did I wake up? Oh, once we were PASSED El Paso. Yeah, it was gooood. Made it all the way to freaking SAN ANTONIO that day, Insane.
February 20th: Began early again and guess what? I got to sleep through even more of TexASS! Best thing ever. I woke up around passed Houston then passed the heck out again all the way to Louisiana! We got brave (impatient) and drove all the way to Tallahassee, FL. Yeah, I loved being that close to home.
February 21st: Got into Valdosta at 2:30 PM, checked in on base and found out they had given us Family OFFICER'S Quarters. Ballerrr! Called on 3 houses ASAP, two were not available, went to look at the 3rd. Cool house, good price, great area, I was 2 hours too late. I was uber sad but went to this agency just to see their other listings. Bada Bing Bada Boom! I looked at one, came back with a countered price (I was trying to be smooth even thought its a rental), and guess what Lovelies? They accepted and I got it! Yeah baby :)
February 22nd: Signed a lease, turned on electricity, water & trash, and set up cable and internet. Stopped by our storage unit to figure all that out, set up a Uhaul and some guys from church to help me move. Found a handyman to come mount our TV on the wall and actually kind of started to have a major breakdown at the amount of energy, time and MONEY it takes to move.
February 23rd: Furniture shopping ended up in two of the greatest antique treasure finds of ALL time. For reals. Then came paint shopping. HOE LEE CRAP and we aren't talking Chinese prostitutes here. Picking colors is ridiculous but I did it and they are fabulous. We did a lot of running back and forth between the house and all over town then we picked up the Uhaul then headed to storage. Storage packing, loading, then unloading at the house went on from 4:30 PM to past 10:00 PM. I also had my new (and favorite) handyman show up with a buddy of his to mount Mr. Superman's giant TV. The night didn't end until it was nearly the next morning but this was our last really hectic, stressful, difficult day.
February 24th: This was my first night in the house. I went to go take a shower. Guess what happened? No hot water. After waiting for a long while, we discovered we were lied to and the water heater is in fact GAS not ELECTRIC. Suck.
February 25th: After a ridiculous run around and calling some 800 number in Atlanta, I was told I wouldn't have hot water until MONDAY. Suck again.
February 26th-March 4th: Stripping wall paper, scraping trim, painting, moving furniture, decorating, mounting things on the wall, thrifting, re-finishing furniture, home depot runs, and SO MUCH OTHER CRAP but I'm just exhausted and I can't think.

It is nearly midnight on Friday night.
I am sitting in our new home in Georgia missing Mr. Superman pretty dang bad.
Everything is officially switched over as of today.
All of our info in DEERS is now back in Georgia.
All of my info for Tricare is now back in Georgia.
All of our utilities and our new home are back in Georgia.
I am now back in Georgia.
The only thing missing from Georgia, is my Mr. Superman.
I am so ready for him to be home.
He is so ready to be home.
Now, we wait.

le sigh.


Sarah said...

Well, you have had quite the adventure haven't you!? I'm so glad that you got there and were able to find a house and get all of that accomplished. I bet it feels great. =)

P.S. LOVE the "hurry up and wait" sign!!

I Am a Marine's Girl said...

Girl how are you even typing??? So glad this is almost over for you love. Can't wait for that homecoming!!

Amanda said...

Wow! Sounds really tiring, yet fulfilling!!!!
"HOE LEE CRAP and we aren't talking Chinese prostitutes here" is probably the funniest thing I have EVER heard!!!!!!

and I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

And Stay strong girl!!!!

Calvin and Mommy said...

Good thing you slept through most of TexASS (love that by the way) I hate driving through TX and I used to live there. Oh did you go on the never ending bridge in Louisiana? I hate that bridge. I live in FL by the way lol.

Team Mama said...

Happy to be part of it! And by the way...we kicked a** in getting everything done that we managed to do. And might I add what an awesome decorator you are- I am truly impressed with your skills! <3 <3 <3

Chelle said...

Congrats on being home.

Erin said...

So glad the wait is almost over, although the last part is agonizing!

Erin said...

WOW! What a crazy couple of weeks journey!!!! I know how hard it is to move while the hubs is gone. When my hubby and I got our first apartment, we moved the boxes in together on Monday and he was gone by Wend. It wasn't a deployment, but he was gone on a 31 day, black out mission in Australia. I had to unpack and get used to a whole new city... ALONE. I pretty much just cried for a while month.

Stay strong. Hang in there. :)

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

Sounds like you really are Mrs. Superman!! lol Congrats on getting your house and I'm so happy that he is almost home! :)

Neidy said...

I got exhausted reading this post! Whew! But guess what? All over and done :D You did it! :)

Marie said...

But, that means it's getting close!!!
Message me and let me know how you've been! I miss you!!

C said...

Good Lord, girl! Get it done!

Jessica said...

Ok, I seriously busted out laughing at the Hoe Lee Crap =)

and I am tired, seriously tired after reading that.

Steph said...

Hopefully the waiting part will be over soon! I'm excited for you.

Maranda said...

Oh my gosh! I remember that water thing happening to me when we moved to El Paso when The Hubble deployed last. Taking freezing cold showers SUCK!!