Funk Funk Funky Funk

Yeah. I'm in a funk. No bueno.
I got a very exciting somewhat surprise phone call this evening.
Despite hearing constant helicopter lift offs and airplane landings, I got to hear my lover's voice.
Phone calls are sparse and rare so I loved every second of it.

He asked how I was. I said, "Just fine."
He asked again and I said, "Okay, I'm in a funk. A really bad one and I hate it."

I went on to tell him how I have all these ideas for stuff around the house but I just can't bring myself to head to Home Depot to pick up paint and drop cloths or to Walmart for an extension cord, or any of the other places I need to go to get the stuff needed for my projects. I then told him about getting a text from my handyman saying he couldn't make it over tonight. Then how in my head I was thinking, "Oh well good thing because I had no idea you had plans to come over to fix such and such thing tonight and you would have been ignored since I haven't showered in two days and I'm sitting bra-less in a wife beater full of holes because I have zero motivation to stand in the shower or clean the tub to sit in a bath."

His response? "Wow. So what you're saying is its just been another string of epic failures on your part?"

I love that man.

He makes no apologies but said he has to say something to get me out of my funk.

"Nothing you can say will get me out of my funk." 
"Well what will?" 
"Come hooooommmmee." 
"Ha ha well then epic failure on my part because we both know I can't do that."

Oh well, I tried.

He really is so incredible. 
Poor guys over there don't have internet OR water.
No water for at least a week.
Good thing I can't smell him.
He said everyone is pretty cranky due to the much, much longer shifts, no more days off, and next to zero contact with loved ones. Disgruntled is the word that was used. But as he was saying all this, I could still hear a smile in his voice and his buddies joking with him about being all lovey on the phone with me.

For those few minutes on the phone with my loverface, my funk vanished. We were talking (more like yelling and saying, "What?"), laughing, joking around, and just being us.

The phone call ends and guess what? Back to my funk.

I Googled 'in a funk' and was hit with the top three search results.

Learn to speak American English with British people on English Daily.

Pretty funny. 
Their take on 'in a funk'.

Second result was a no-go.

The fact that self-power is included in the link url, completely shut me off from this one. I have zero self-power currently so much so I didn't make it past the line that said I could only have a pity party for a maximum of 2 days. 


Third result was InAFunk.com. Self described as 'the moody ramblings of an average guy' this too was an epic fail. 

I am an overly-emotional due to PMS, cramps, exhaustion and sexual deprivation female who hasn't seen her husband since triple digit days ago. The last thing I need to read about is a moody male whining about having a man cold

My faith in Google went down drastically when I saw the 3 results after that all linking to news media sites listing headlines such as, "With Dems in a Funk, Obama Charts New Hopeful Course." 

Reading about Obama isn't going to only worsen my funk, its gonna wanna make me puke. 

So Lovelies, I'm leaving it to you. What the eff do you do to get yourself out of a funk??



Mrs.B said...

I force myself to shower, get ready, and go out into the world.
Whether it's going to the mall, or a local park. Getting out of the house usually helps me.

Lindsey said...

Oh no! Being in a funk is the worst! When I'm in a funk I take a drive, eat something terrible for me, and lay in bed doing NOTHING and then get a really long nights sleep. And slowly... very slowly... it ebbs.

kelsey lauren said...

funks are tough to conquer. I'm in one right now too. As usual, I try to drown my funk in sugar and fat so today I have eaten a peanut buster parfait from DQ, chicken strips, bacon, and fried eggs. Now I'm in a funk and feel even grosser... so, while I don't know ho wot cure a funk, maybe we can go through a process of elimination to figure it out?

Dr. Army Wife said...

It usually involves food. Starbucks peppermint mocha latte. Dunkin Donuts strawberry frosted donut. Some other delicious pastry such as a cupcake.

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

When I'm in a funk I like to surround myself with friends or family that make me laugh and help to take my mind off things. If thats not possible I usually get something delicious to eat and snuggle on the couch and watch one of my favorite movies, "Fried Green Tomatoes" or "Bridget Jones' Diary." That always makes me feel better...I've also found that I tend to blog when i am upset and it usually always makes me feel a little better. I hope you get out of Funky town soon! :)

Team Mama said...

I don't know why- but I cried when I read you'd got to talk to Cody! I think it was a happy cry that you'd heard from him.
So- getting out of a funk- I write in my journal, I read, and lately I listen to selected church music. There are some that I have on my IPod that remind me of my blessings, who I am and what I have in my life to be grateful for.
(Also dark chocolate with nuts- preferably from Sees. Or chocolate chip cookies.)

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

First off, I'm in a funk whenever the 'friends' visit and there's nothing I can do until they pass. And that usually cures it and all is right with the world again. And second, I've noticed a pattern with our constant moves... the first 2 months after we move I'm in a funk. I fight it and try to be happy, but nothing cures it until we hit that 2 month-ish mark. Then I finally have the energy and motivation to paint and hang pictures and sew curtains and stuff. So sometimes there's nothing you can do about it but tolerate things and distract yourself with tv and movies and books.

Sailor's Wife said...

I think everyone gets this way sometimes, and I for one, think it's OK to feel this way at times. It's perfectly normal!! BUT I do agree with someone else who talked about dark chocolate :)

I hope you feel better soon love

chambanachik said...

It depends on the funk-level.

If it's a blah kind of funk, I make myself laugh. I watch funny stuff on TV, amuse myself by saying silly things (I've just started to say "Blech" a lot like Amber at Goodnight Moon, and it's a lot of fun). Maybe drink a lot of caffeine and go on a cleaning spree. Shopping helps.

If it's the real deal kind of funk, then I let it be. I listen to sad songs, and kind of immerse myself in it. And somehow, once you accept it, it starts to go away.

You've made it this far and I know you'll keep making it, because you're way stronger than I was during deployment!

Charity said...

Self-power? What is that, I haven't seen or heard from it in what seems like almost a month now... does it still exist? I was beginning to think it was extinct.

Steph said...

I usually let out a good cry and spend some time with the pups. I've been in a funk for a couple weeks and haven't been able to get out either. Best wishes my friend!

Reina said...

I try to make myself cry. Sounds dumb but it's such an amazing relief... Then I make myself get in the shower and go OUT!

Erin said...

It really depends... Some days I take it one step at a time. I lay in bed in the AM and say, "all you have to do is get out of bed. That is all." Then I get downstairs and say, "all you have to do it eat breakfast. That is all." Etc. Sometimes I make it to the shower, most often, I don't.

I do find that having a pity party for a few days helps. I disagree whole heartedly with the "2 day" rule. That is BS. I have pity parties that last whole weeks. When your husband is deployed, you are entitled to that. :)

But, after a while, I do sorta have to accept that, at a bare minimum, I have to shower at least every few days. So, I make plans with people. Even if it's just them coming over to do nothing with me. It forces me to shower and pick up a little bit. And that usually leads to a decrease of funk.

Hope your funk ends soon! :)

PG said...

Funks are no fun, but what sometimes helps me is just acknowledging that it IS a funk. It IS going to go away sooner or later.

Then, it's either exercise, clean clothes, taking a walk and forcing myself to be social
Sappy sad music, finding a new TV show to watch for hours and lots of hot soup and baked goods.

Feel better soon!

Consider The Lilies said...

I've been in a funk too lately! But somehow those boys always know how to make us smile in the deepest part of the funk :)

Kristi said...

I say go try those projects! Once you get started and busy I bet it will help. At least it does for me. But who am I to talk. We're still new to this and the longest we've been apart is 6 weeks. Best wishes for a funk-free tomorrow! :)

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

Ugh, I go through about two funks a year, one at the end of winter and one at the end of summer and the only thing that seems to get me through it is just spending time with friends, watching my favorite movies, and having a few good cries. Not crying about anything in particular, just getting that funk out.

Feel better soon!!!

Maranda said...

Poor thing! I understand these all too well! I hope you get out of your funk soon!

Jessa said...

I get into funks, but have no clue how to get back out. Stupid bipolar. Exercise, sunshine, vitamin D supplements...those are pretty good things to try.