Japan Relief Effort

Alright Lovelies, here's the deal. We could all use some warm fuzzies every once in a while and I know everybody is aware of our brothers and sister in Japan who have had their lives torn apart from the earthquake and tsunami. Its time to step up and I'm not talking Channing Tatum style. Yummy. Its time to put your couch's change where your mouth and Facebook and Twitter statuses are. 

For every five dollars donated to the Red Cross through Living Social, it gets doubled! Now I know money's tight and every body has a budget but seriously, if you were to take the spare change from your wallet, top of the washer, and cup holder in your car, you'd have five dollars. Ready for some warm fuzzies? Okay, GO!!


Reina said...

love you. :)

C said...

Donated AND posted on fb! Nice one!