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Pillow Talk: Heart Attack Edition

So even though Mr. Superman is in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan, we have still been able to have some conversations that I think of as Pillow Talk

This one took place about two weeks ago and I kept forgetting to blog about it. 

He nearly gave me a heart attack and it had nothing to do with all the background noise I have grown accustomed to hearing.

Him: So I need to ask you something and I really need you to be honest about it.
Me: Okay. (My heart is pounding so freaking hard)
Him: Did you ever date a guy named Jesse?


I am furiously racking my brains trying desperately to remember whether or not I ever dated someone named Jesse, casually or not, and under what circumstances he'd run into my husband in Afghanistan and just somehow connect it all together.

Him: So did you?
Me: Um... not that I can think of but there could have been... maybe... or it could technically not be considered dating... or... um. I'm so sorry baby I can't say yes or no with full honesty because I don't know. (I am nearing hyperventilation state by this time, feeling horribly bad and guilty)
Him: Hmmm. You sure?


I am internally freaking out

Me: No babe, I'm not but I really don't think so.
Him: That's too bad.
Me: Why? (Confused now)
Him: Because I have ALWAYS wanted to say that I ended up with Jesse's Girl.
Me: Are you freaking serious right now? Really? You gave me a heart attack and had my mind reeling and feeling so guilty all because of that! Nice.


All Dressed Up

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All About Being Butch

Okay now before anyone jumps down my throat for the use of slurs and inappropriate slang, let me clarify that this post is about my baby brother. No, his name's not Butch but that's what I've called him for easily 8 years. Once he got too big for me to call him Bubba or Bubs I had to come up with something else and Butch stuck. Now if I were asked to sum him up in a few words, I'd be hard-pressed to do so but I'll try anyways,


He is 17 years old today. 
Kind of shocking if you were to see him. He's a giant and still growing. I am 5'8" and he makes me look tiny. 

He's part cowboy and part baller. 
He can't sing at all but he'll belt out any country song that comes on with the good country songs being his favorite which is ironic, since they all were released before he was even born. He's nearly 6'2" and plays a good game of basketball. 

He is the youngest out of six kids and the only one younger than me but when he was born, I was devastated. I was 6 and was angry at no longer being the youngest. I told my parents the only way I'd accept another baby, was if it was a girl. Well he was born at home and I along with my sister and 3 brothers were all waiting in the living room. My dad came out a little past 8:30 PM and announced, "It's a boy!" I fell backwards off of the arm of the couch where I had been sitting and screamed, "Oh no! Not another one!" I remember crying my eyes out until I saw him. It didn't take long until he had me enamored. 

We've had our ups and downs like any siblings but I love that kid so much. Despite me dropping him on his head and busting it open when he was... I think 6, he still loves me. It was an accident for the record. We always played spies and 'office' on Sundays when we had to stay quiet and he was a pro assistant when it came to constructing forts out of blankets, chairs, and clothes pins. We were the only two kids left at home for a few years before I was married so we got to have lots of fun with our parents too.

As goofy as he can be at times, he really is such a cool kid. He's got the biggest heart ever and will make some girl the happiest and luckiest person ever. He dreams of being a pilot and I have no doubt he'll succeed. Shoot, he's already flown in a plane he built from scratch.

Oh man this is the morning of my last day of high school. Hard for me to believe he was ever smaller than me.

Summer 2006 before I moved away and met Mr. Superman

 One of my visits home from school between 2006 and 2007.

He got his Eagle Scout back when he was 15! It was hard work but he loved it. 

These are from the summer of 2009 when I was back in AZ while Mr. Superman was at BMT. He's holding one of our adorable nephews Colty.

Mr. Superman snapped this back in April 2010 when we visited my family in AZ.

I'm so glad I got to see him play while I was here in AZ.

Christmas time with my family, and Butch, was so fun.

The Family January Birthday Party. I was 23 on the 15th, Jared was 25 on the 22nd, and Butch is 17 today!


Happy Birthday Butch! I can't hardly believe you're 17 now. 
I hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it. 
I love you!


The Rundown

I have mentioned a few times in the last couple of months that I would be having some very exciting giveaways in 2011. 

Well guess what Lovelies?
Its 2011!

The catch is that the first of these will not launch until I hit 350 followers so we are 7 away! 

I thought if I gave a little teaser, you'd get those shameless shout outs rolling so here is a very small taste of what will be included. It will be a box full of some of my favorite things.

So there you have it. 
A teaser. 

7 followers away until these goodies and many others could be yours!

Back to December: Recap and Revisit

I go back to December all the tiiiimeee...

Now that I have that Taylor Swift'esque line out in the open, its time to do just that. 

Due to my lack of motivation in pretty much all areas of my life, it is nearly February and I just found my camera cord that got stuck under a pile of stuff misplaced back in early December. 

Its time to revisit December 2010 Lovelies. 

I started it off in Utah with Mr. Superman's family (you can see the Utah fun HERE) and made some fabulous ABU stockings with the expert help of The Annoyed Army Wife.

I participated in a Blogger Christmas Swap (even though I slacked and never linked back up) and had a Great Partner who totally spoiled me.

(This is what I sent her and I had so much fun putting it together)

Judy got me fabulously soft socks, adorable fingerless gloves, Avon earrings and necklace, and a Homemade Cookies candle. Thanks again doll!

I got to spend some one on one time with my Grandma as well as watch my little (he's actually a giant) brother play some good basketball.

(Kindly ignore that these are pre-diet and pre-working out)

I sent out our Christmas cards and our yearly newsletter.

I made my very first gingerbread house and to say it was a fiasco and a tad sad would be a huge understatement but it was so fun with all the kids around doing it too.

I got my baby and kid fix in here and there by mooching off of other people's offspring and spent TONS of time with family and friends.


We had our own Nativity preformed by my sisters kids and her friends Kris's kids. 
The two youngest were Joseph and Mary while The Grinch was Baby Jesus. Abigail was the Angel and Jalen and Savannah were the shepherds while Coda, Jacob, and Cade were the Wise Men. 


We had a gift exchange and while the clown ornament I got made me cry (I hate clowns with all that I am), it was fun to see everyone's reactions.

Christmas Eve was spent with my parents, my grandma, my little (giant) brother, and my sister's family. We started it off by seeing Tangled then had a delicious dinner, Christmas Eve gift opening (JAMMIES!), the watching of a Christmas video, then my dad read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas Day was so fun seeing the kids faces light up and the excitement over all their gifts. I crashed out on the couch after breakfast and napped for four hours before I got some good long chat time with Mr. Superman. There was lots of food and laughter and he was even able to join us at the dinner table.


 All of my goodies!

December was a month full of family and the Christmas Spirit. It was a great time no doubt but was also constantly overshadowed by missing my love. I am more ready than ever to keep moving forward, keep hitting our milestones, and we are definitely looking forward to all of the holidays and special occasions next year brings, when we can be together again.