Valentine's Blog-Swap!!

A while back, Wife on the Roller Coaster had this FABULOUS idea about having a blog swap. 
She emailed 10 of us fellow bloggers, explained it all, and we all in turn invited ten other bloggers to participate in said blog swap. 
We each got paired up with two bloggers. One that we hosted on our own site and the other where we wrote a post that got shared on theirs. 
Fun right? 
Since it is Lover's Day and all, they have a Valentinesey theme and please please PLEASE be sure to go check out every other post where its linked up at

Also, be sure to go check out the post I wrote which is over at Mrs. Muffins
Even though I'm not a big lover of Lover's Day, I do hope its a happy one at any rate <3

When I got the email telling me who my guest blogger was going to be, I may have squeeled a little.
Or a lot. 
Whatever though because I know most of you, well any of you actually, would have done the exact.same.thing. 
I am so giddy and excited to tell you that today's post is brought to all you Lovelies by the ever-talented and gorgeous Mrs. P. from A Little Pink in A World of Camo
Her and her darling daughter Ariana are so blessed to have Corporal Porto as their husband and daddy. She has shared her story of love and then tragedy as she has navigated life since he gave the ultimate sacrifice and was killed in action last year. 
Her blog is witty, blunt, and brutally honest which I just adore. Thanks you Mrs. P. for being my blogger today!

"Do you remember Valentine's Day back in grade school? Your mom would take you to the store and you'd get the little paper Valentine's cards, some came with lollipops or conversation hearts or some other cheap candy. You'd write everyone's name on a card and sign yours in the from section. Every one got one. Am I the only one who did it this way? That's how it always was for me in school, so if it wasn't like that in your school just follow me, work with me here.

So anyway, you went into school the next day with your filled out Valentines and possibly some candy… and everyone got one. Man, grade school was all about fairness. No one got left out.

I still remember though, the night before I'd get all nervous. I was always kind of afraid that I wasn't going to get any. Even though the teachers designed it so that wouldn't happen and no 3rd grader would feel like a complete loser, it was still on my mind. Even though that probably wouldn't have happened, I'd at least have gotten one from my friends (RIGHT?!) it made me nervous!

That brings me to my point. I think Valentine's Day is a little bit more stress than it's worth. Dudes running around trying to figure out how to make their princess girlfriends happy, ordering $50 flowers at the last minute, chocolate, Hallmark… and girls completely stressing because, let's face it… WHAT do you get a guy for Valentine's Day (I mean, obviously you can get him any kind of gift but if you wanted to stay in the Valentine's theme…. what is there for men? I guess men like chocolate). And then there's those of us without a Valentine… O Lord, I'm the biggest loser I don't have a someone  I mean… do we really need a holiday to point out to the single people that their single?! It's kind of like, "Hey look the rest of the world's in love while you're eating bon bons alone!!"

Ok I'm being a cynic. It's not THAT bad. I just never really was into the whole Valentine's Day myself. Now, the last two years I was a bit spoiled and I'll have to admit I really enjoyed Valentine's Day with Jonathan. But now being back to one of those "single" -ish people, I just don't get what all the hype is about. I can send myself flowers on any old day, why does it have to be February 14th? Your sweetie can (and in my opinion SHOULD) buy you flowers or gifts and especially tell you they love you just because. Why do we need a dictated holiday to profess and be in love? Isn't love about always loving?

So I say to you this Valentine's Day…. enjoy it, be thankful if you've even got a sweetie (EVEN if he forgets to order you $50 flowers) but carry it on through the days ahead. Be in love EVERY day not just February 14th. Hell, postpone your Valentine's Day and celebrate it on a day that most people don't! Embrace love but not just today, every day.

I love you bloggy friends!!"


To the Nth said...

Mrs. S and Mrs. P, I wish you both a very happy Valentine's Day.

Mrs. P, I'm with you on not artificially limiting expressions of love to one day out of the year. I do, however, have fond memories of exchanging cards (most emblazoned with cartoon characters) with my elementary school classmates. The ones that came with conversation hearts got major bonus points from me!

annoyed army wife said...

We love you, too, Mrs. P! You are so right. Every day should be an opportunity to tell our loved ones that they are loved.

And I, for one, think eating bon bons alone is a perfectly acceptable thing to do any day of the year. Bon bons are yummy.

JG said...

I was one of those kids, too, who was always afraid of not getting any Valentines. But then, I never wanted to give the whole class Valentines, either, because I was afraid the snotty-nosed boys would see one from me and get the wrong idea! :) Love you both, Mrs. P and Mrs. S!!! You two make me smile!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

YOu're so right Mrs. P, we should share our love every day not just on February 14. The holiday has gotten so commercialized. And what do you get for guys? I'll glady be a cynic with you. :)

Thanks to both Mrs. S and Mrs. P for joining me in the blog swap today and for putting up with all my crazy emails. Hope you had fun!!!

Goodnight moon said...

I completely agree! I don't want over priced flowers on Valentine's day, or to go out to eat for dinner with the rest of the town. I celebrate love everyday.

And Mrs. P....we ALL love you! Will you be my Valentine?