George Strait Said It Best... Just Give It Away

I'm here with ANOTHER fabulous giveaway!!!

I know, I know, I'm amazing

A while back I was contacted by a lovely lady by the name of Kate. As I read her email, I got more and more excited about what she was saying.

Do you want to know what its all about?!

Okay, I'll tell you. 
In a minute. 

First, let me ask all of you Milie Lovelies who have been through a deployment with their loverface a question. 

How many times while you were separated by duty, oceans, and several thousand miles did you wish you could just see their face and hear their voice?  

How many times?  

If you're anything like me, you couldn't even fathom a guess because that innate desire and need to feel connected for even just a second never really leaves. Its ALWAYS there.

Well, I have something incredible to share with you all. 

SuperTintin, the company who contacted me, has partnered with Skype which has resulted in the most incredible collaboration ever. In the next few weeks or so, they together will be offering 100 Skype Recording Licenses to very lucky, deserving lovebirds and Milie families!

Yes, Skype Recording Licenses. Its EXACTLY what it sounds like.

Here are a few words from Kate explaining about this fantastic company and product.

"SuperTintin is also a huge supporter of our military families and would like to show their support by hosting a fun campaign for military families just in time for Valentine's Day. To that end, SuperTintin is donating 100 licenses to its Skype recording software so that deployed/stationed servicemen and women can connect with their families at home and the at-home family can record the conversation (and all following conversations) to play back or share with other family and friends as much as they'd like."

Did you get that Lovelies?! A way to record your loved ones face and voice so that you ALWAYS have the option to see them and hear them no matter how far away they are or how long its been since you've been able to make contact with one another.

What a blessing!! 

It gets better dolls, much better. 

Not only are 100 of these Skype Recording Licenses going to be gracing Milie families but I get to give away 5 of them myself!


So now for the details. There will be 7 winners of this giveaway just on my page alone but I will also be able to share with you the other military sites and bloggers that will be hosting giveaways of their own!

You will have SO many opportunities to enter and hopefully win one for yourself!  

A quick note: The Skype Recording Software is NOT compatible with any Mac/Apple products. Yet. So really, unless you have a PC, its not really good to enter because it takes away the chance of someone who has a way to use this awesome software.  

This giveaway will remain open until February 12 at midnight PST and the winners will be chosen and contacted by email immediately. I will then provide Kate from SuperTintin with your email address and she will get you all of your license information just in time for Valentine's Day!! 

Now that the basics and information about this giveaway have been covered, I'll dive right into your many MANY ways to enter. 

1. Leave a comment stating you would like to win, have a PC, whether a loved one is currently TDY, deployed, stationed overseas, or scheduled to leave soon and your email address. 

That is all required for ONE entry. 

2. Follow SuperTintin on TWITTER and leave me your @handle so I can verify.  

3. Become friends with SuperTintin on FACEBOOK and comment with a URL for verification. 

4. Blog about this giveaway and include a link to this post on my blog and at least one link to either SuperTintin's TWITTER, FACEBOOK, OR WEBSITE. Leave a comment with a URL to verify. 

5. Follow my blog and leave a comment.

6. Like the official FACEBOOK page for this blog and leave a comment.

7. Visit MilitaryBlogs.com and give this blog a +Boost. Leave a comment saying you did so and it can be done ONCE A DAY. Each time you +Boost and leave me a comment will count as an entry. I will also be verifying this. 

So Lovelies, there is one MANDATORY entry and at the minimum, 6 extra entries if you only do a +Boost once. That's a lot of chances to win!!   

If you enter on other blogs and are chosen as a winner and then chosen as a winner on my blog as well, I will choose a new one in your stead. 

So get to entering and sharing this fabulous news!!!  

A giant thank you to SuperTintin and good luck to all you Lovelies!!

Other bloggers also participating in hosting their own SuperTintin giveaways:

Please note that although I did receive a free recording license from SuperTintin in exchange for posting about their site, all opinions and words are my own. 


CrazyMomma D said...

what an awesome thing but, alas, we are Mac people. so good luck to everyone out there!

i've been following your blog for a while and i have picked you to earn a Versatile Blogger award :)
go check it out:

Brittany Sommer said...

I would like to win! I have a pc and my husband is currently state side =)

The Flight Crew said...

would love to win it sounds like such an awesome thing. My hubby is scheduled to leave for BMT in march. We also have a buddy who is deployed in Kabul right now. my email is pnnstorm@hotmail.com

Amanda said...

I'd love to win!!! I have a PC and my lover is currently deployed...


Amanda said...

I follow your blog!