A Little Late Jumping on the Band Wagon...

That's me. I know its the day before Halloween but I finally found a layout I loved. I tried changing it a couple times but once they were posted I thought they were so ugly. Its like when I go shopping and find stuff that looks so cute on the rack then I try it on only to find its completely unflattering.
So my nausea continues and people keep telling me to take a pregnancy test. Trust me guys, that thought hit me and I already did. Had it been positive I wouldn't be complaining about being sick. I'd actually have a reason behind it. That and we would've told everyone by now. We are no good at secrets.
Quick update on Mr. Superman. He finally got his application sent off to University of Utah (thank you so much Robyn, MIL). He also took the initiative and applied for the Western States Exchange. Its a program that a lot of the Western states universities offer students if they are transferring from one Western state to another. Its a ploy to keep students from going back East for school. The incentive is that you get close to in state tuition which ends up being almost a five grand difference per semester. Since we will be new to Utah we applied for this to save money. By the time we qualify for in state tuition Loverface will be done with school. In December he only has a year and a half left! We also applied for a ton of scholarships so everyone cross your fingers and pray for us!
That's about it. Mr's professor was nice enough to give him the night off tomorrow so we are going over to Amber's house (I know big surprise right) along with almost my whole family for dinner and Halloween festivities. I will try to be sure to get some pictures. We love you all!

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Robyn said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! (on getting application and scholarships sent in!) We're headed down to Hilary's house for a party. (Nana is going as a cat) Will email pictures. Love you guys