Follow Up

For those who I don't speak to regularly I thought I'd post a quick update on my health. I had my follow up appt. on Monday. I got my incisions and swelling and everything else looked at. My incisions "looked good" although to me they are hideous. My doctor (the surgeon) was shocked when he saw my swelling and bruising. He hadn't ever seen that happen with this surgery. He came to the conclusions as my other doctors. I bruised so badly and am still bruising and still swollen because I bled internally for a month. They usually catch it after a week or catch it before it even starts happening so mine was pretty bad. I am still really sore and by mid morning I am ready for a nap. I can walk semi-normally but it still takes me like five minutes to make it up or down our 6 stairs. I am also still dealing with pregnancy hormones which he said will continue for about two months after my surgery. Just things like smells making me sick and craving things or not wanting anything because it sounds so gross. I am getting better though and I cannot wait for another week to pass. I gained a ridiculous 15 pounds and can't even come close to squeezing into jeans. In a week I will hopefully be able to go work my butt off and lose my 15-20 lbs. We have Steele family pictures on May 1st so it'll be tough but I am determined. I think that is about it. I have been putting together decor ideas for our next house and have found some fabulous stuff. I will post pictures of some of my ideas later. Thank you all for everything. Love you!!

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