Playin' Catch Up... Again! Partie deux

Alright my blogging fingers have recuperated and are ready to fill you in on the rest of everything else. Like I mentioned I have been trying to eat healthier so I am going by this diet list of what to have, how many servings, exact brands that are good and bad, the things to omit and so on and so forth. I also am trying to get my immune system back on track so I have a vitamin/supplement I have been taking. Hopefully that'll help my health get better sooner rather than later.

Well we were finally able to return to church on Easter Sunday and I wore a dress I got 8 months ago but hadn't worn due to its ill fit and spring pattern. Now it fits and its spring so I wore it. Ha ha! We did the classes at our church then went home for a breather and went to see Cody's sisters sing in their sacrament which was followed by a fantastic dinner courtesy of my MIL.

The weather here has been utterly ridiculous. Rainy then sunny then sunny then windy and freezing. There are beautiful trees here at the apts. and it was raining the other day so I took some pictures.

A few days after Easter I was feelin rather down so my wonderful and amazing loverface took me out to dinner. We went to one of my all time favorites and had one of my all time favorites.

These avocado club egg rolls are so good. Cody doesn't like avocado but even he likes them, they are seriously the best!

After dinner, since we were downtown, we window shopped and then went and saw a movie. We also had seen the gnarliest, nastiest looking street performer and I wish I had taken a picture. He was horrible but that wasn't even the worst, he looked like a total chester and had spray painted himself, clothes, mustache, and all, gold. It was gross.

These are my fierce shoes from Buckle. I had them on my wishlist for over a year and it paid off. I got them for 13$ when they had been nearly 100$!

I love his face!

Two weekends ago we went and spent time out at Nana's while everyone but her and Robyn were out of town. We just took it easy and I got some more audiobooks and musical soundtracks for my iPod. We went out to MiMis's Cafe that night and had lots of good talk and food!

I also have been needing to improvise with my wardrobe. Since I will be back in AZ for the hot hot hot months, I will be needing more shorts. I can't afford shorts so I took out all of my jeans and pants that didn't quite fit right anymore and made shorts out of 'em! I just cut then hand-stitched a hem along the bottom. It was finally warm enough last week for shorts and flip flops on our AFB tour. Cody wanted to take a picture of my creation and told me how to pose. Ha ha here they are!


Robyn said...

Cute new blog layout!

Lindsey Layton said...

Fun! And I'm lovin' your shorts!

Kara said...

I have some shorts like that and they are my FAVORITE! A friend of mine gave me the jeans and they were a bit too short, so another friend cut and sewed them for me and I LOVE them! I'm glad to hear you are doing better and feeling better!

Jared and Katie Organ said...

Hey Lady! Love the shorts. I always forget ot look at your blog bc it's private now. Excited to see you guys soon!

Ricky & Kara said...

Girl you are a doll. As always. I've gotta do the same to a few of my jeans, too.