Two amazing if not unlikely friends

Some of you whom attended HA will remember Kara Kearney now Kara Erickson. She moved away from AZ in high school to CO and I lost touch with her. Although we had had classes together and had a lot of the same friends we had never been super close. We discovered each other a year or so ago and quickly rekindled our friendship. We talk online several times a week and she has been such a great source of comfort to me. We often talk about our faith, and although we don't share the same religion, we share the same ideals, beliefs, and many of the same opinions. She is so fun to talk to and she is quite possibly the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. We talk about our husbands, our lives, and whatever struggles we happen to be dealing with. Right now for me that happens to be my recent health struggles. Kara can relate to having health issues and having to cope with what comes. The other day I got a UPS delivery and was at a total loss. I had no idea what it was or why I had gotten it. I opened it to find a gift box from Bath and Body Works with a wonderfully thoughtful card from Kara. She is so awesome and I am so grateful to her and her friendship.

Next is Cathy Ricks, now Cathy Dean. She is a few years older than me but she is probably the only person I know that can 100% relate to me and my current life happenings and feelings. She is such a source of hope to me. She has a miracle baby and that gives me hope. Even though the doctor said its going to be hard and its a small chance, her having her baby gives me hope. After finding out what had been going on, she sent me the most heartfelt, compassion filled letter I have ever received and I bawled me eyes out. We never hung out in high school, I haven't even seen her in several years, but she is my friend. I thank her publicly for her love and prayers and concern.

I am so unbelievably lucky to have these two women in my life. No, they don't live near me at all. No, I haven't seen either of them in years. There are factors missing that are usually part of a friendship but these women have been better friends to me from a distance than many others that I considered to be close friends. So thank you Kara and Cathy. You guys are in my life for a reason and I recognize that. I love you girls!

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Ricky & Kara said...

Aw yay :) A post about me! Teehee. Yeah... I think it's weird how we never really "hung out" in high school so to speak. We were never that close. But now that we've both grown a little I totally feel a strong connection with you. It's pretty amazing how people can come into our lives in such strange and unique ways. I'm very thankful for it, and the chance to grow closer to you. Hopefully someday we'll meet in person again, if it's in the stars! I pray for you all the time girl!