Shock & a half! WATCH!!

I had this sent to me by my MIL and with a description of why dreams matter. She also mentioned she had cried so I had totally prepped myself for a really sad but inspirational story. I had Cody watch it with me and we didn't cry but I had chills the ENTIRE time and I could NOT get over what I was seeing and hearing. It makes me wish I had British television. Ha but seriously watch. This showed me that cynicism is so horrible and detrimental to us as individuals. This woman was so strong to stand up and do what she did.

If the link isn't clickable then just copy and paste it into your browser. Its worth it!!



And the followup article:


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Chris & Teesha said...

Rachelle, I have been meaning to leave you a comment since like forever ago I have been so busy and slacking I know! Any way you have been in our prayers and on my mind a lot lately. I hope things are going ok and that they will get a little easier each day as you feel the saviors love for you and see plan he has in mind for your family! I love you girl!