More Yuckiness

I am so completely overwhelmed by the outreach and service we have been receiving. My MIL has been fantastic along with my SIL's who take turns "babysitting" me until Cody gets home. Cody's cousins are going to be bringing dinners along with my Relief Society. It is so humbling. Jeff's mom, Nana, will be visiting later this week and bringing me some books because I am so utterly starved for entertainment. Cody will be calling the Bishop so next weekend I am able to have the sacrament. All of the well wishes and prayers are greatly appreciated.

My doctor had told me that with my complications and residual blood drainage that my pain and swelling would worsen for about a week before I start to see improvement. That has definitely proven true. I wake up every morning, having gone about 14 hours without pain or nausea medicine and I can sure feel it. I was finally able to take a nap today, whereas the past few days I would try and try and would never be able to drop off. I have an appointment on Monday in which he will be looking for signs of the bleeding to have stopped completely and hopefully that the drainage will have started to dissipate. I also have quite a few questions I have. I am so glad Cody will be coming with me.

Here are my bruises and swollen abdomen as of today. Keep the prayers coming. Love you all.


Rylin Photography said...

Oh Rachelle!!!! I am so sorry. Those bruises are ridiculous!!

Ricky & Kara said...

Hey girly!! Those bruises look crazy. Be sure to write down all your questions. Love, Kara

Monica said...

Ouch Rachelle! You are in our prayers!

McGee said...

oh my goodness Rachelle!!! i had no idea! i am so sorry!! i am so glad you are alive!!! i love you to pieces!