An Update: May Be TMI For Some

Well I figured it was time to post but since this post will be somewhat personal I wanted to make my blog private before it got posted. This way only family and a few friends will be reading it.

Over the last month I have been pretty ill. It kept getting worse and worse but I just thought it was the flu or something so I dealt with it. I was having really bad pains in my stomach and was not able to eat with out throwing up. Last week, on Sunday, it got even worse and the pain was so bad I was not able to stand up or hardly move without crying out. This went on until the Friday the 27th, which is when I gave in and had my MIL Robyn take me into an Urgent Care Center. Leading up to this a series of small events happened that I sincerely believe were miracles.

First off Robyn was supposed to be in Palm Desert, CA that weekend but had decided not to go. Then Friday morning she had had two other things going on in the morning that had postponed the doctor until later. Both of those things got canceled one right after the other and she saw it as a sign that I needed to go in ASAP. As it turns out, it couldn't have been sooner. We really were racing against the clock and didn't even know it.

We got to the Medical Center and they put me right into a room which was good because I was going downhill fast. They took some blood and urine samples (the urine sample couldn't be used because I was so severely dehydrated there wasn't anything to test) and also hooked me up to an IV to start getting me re-hydrated. After I had two liters pumped in me I was still digressing so the doctor sent my info over to the nearest ER and had us rush over there.

They were waiting for me and they wheeled me right into a room. They needed a urine sample before they could do anything but I didn't think I could produce enough. They threatened me with a catheter which did the trick. It scared the pee outta me. Ha Ha. The ER Dr. then came in and was thinking it was severe appendicitis but needed a CT Scan to confirm so they hooked me up to two more IV's and started pushing through more fluids and morphine. The pain continued to get worse, which they couldn't figure out why. I finally got taken back for my CT and they found internal bleeding in my abdomen. My urine test also came back positive for pregnancy.

This was a complete shock. We have been trying to get pregnant since we got married and had already experienced one miscarriage but we weren't having any success. I also had just finished my period so I didn't think there was any chance we could be pregnant at all. With the internal bleeding getting worse, and the positive pregnancy test they called in an OB. He was on call so it took about an hour to get him in there but it turns out I was having an ectopic pregnancy. The baby was in my fallopian tube instead of my uterus so it was feeding off of those blood cells. The baby had outgrown that blood supply so all of my blood vessels were bursting and causing the internal bleeding. If your fallopian tube bursts, it releases toxins but also causes such severe internal bleeding you die really quickly. Mine had not burst yet so they rushed me into surgery. Despite my doctor's attempts, they were not able to save my fallopian tube. He said it was a miracle it hadn't burst and that it was the biggest one he had ever seen in his 35 years of practicing. I was 8 weeks along. He was able to salvage my right ovary but its kind of a bum one now. All of my eggs will just be absorbed into my body.

After surgery I was still in a lot of pain but on the mend. On Saturday mid-morning I noticed some irregular swelling and bleeding not consistent with my incisions or surgery. My right labia was so swollen I couldn't stand and we couldn't find out where the bleeding was coming from. The Doctor on call came and examined me but said to wait over night and if the swelling got worse and if I continued to bleed then I would have to go under again so he could go in and cauterize what he thought was a cervical tear. The swelling did get worse as did the pain and bleeding but another miracle happened. I had yet another doctor come in on Sunday and examine me. He said it is really rare but sometimes when a fallopian tube is removed, the residual blood with trickled down and go sit in the labia. It adds on another week of bad pain and about a week and a half of bed rest but that the labia wasn't something to worry about. He said if my bleeding was from a cervical tear then it was too small to need surgery but that it could just me trauma bleeding in my uterus which will taper off.

I had great doctors and aides and nurses. They were all absolutely phenomenal. All except one but we won't talk about her. Having such a great staff helped a ton.

I was discharged on Sunday and have been living on my couch. I have gotten so many beautiful flowers and phone calls expressing love and concern. I am so grateful for everyone. I am trying to stay upbeat and positive but I am sad. I still have hope though. I know we will have kids we just don't know how we will come about them. Cody is so amazing, the love of my life. I couldn't do this without him. His mom has been great. Feeding us and taking care of me while Cody is gone. I have about 2 1/2 more weeks of recovery but I am getting there. I love you all!!

These are when I had just been sent to the ER. Showing off my IV's.

These are the tulips my MIL got me and the bear that my amazing ER nurse Tiffany brought up after my surgery. He has an IV too.

This is the coolest tape ever. They use it tape the IV's in and use it as anchors but it had a little man on it!!

I got horrible bloody noses in there so I used rubber gloves full of ice to help them clot. Cody thought it was funny.

This is my amazing baby love just hanging out in his recliner.

I am still swelling and bruising like crazy. It gets worse by the hour. Here are some of the good ones :)

The gorgeous flowers Amber, my MIL, and Nana brought me. They make me happy. They are bright spots in this room I am stuck in.


Monica said...


I am so sorry to hear the news, but so happy that you are starting to feel better. I know that things will work out for you. Miracles happen every day. You WILL be a fabulous mother some day! I am glad to be on the invite list for your blog. I feel like a star or something. I am adding you to my list right now!


Kara said...

You and Cody are in my prayers! I am so sorry about your ordeal. You are amazing and I want you to know I am thinking about you!

Lindsey Layton said...

Wow! That's quite an ordeal! I hope you get feeling better soon. I'll keep you in my prayers :o)

ginger said...

what a story! seriously, so sorry to hear about it all. miracles will happen for you guys :) look at all the ones you just had. take care

Robyn said...

I'm grateful to be part of the miracle- I am absolutely convinced that's what it was. Heavenly Father knows who we are and knows what we need and He truly blessed us last weekend! Love you guys..<3 <3 <3

Brayden's Mommy said...

Oh Sweety, I am so sorry that you had to go through this!
I'm glad that you are getting the support and help that you need.
And to top it off you have to deal with losing a baby, one that you have SO longed for.
I love you and I'm praying for you!
Call me anytime!