Cody's Letters August 2nd-August 8th


Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Well it's been another wonderful Sunday. We did have to drill a bit but we spent most of the day deep cleaning the dorm and we had a pre-inspection on our Blues set up in our lockers. Testimony meeting at church was really nice. There were some very wonderful thoughts from many people. I also had quite a bit of time to read my scriptures and that is always uplifting. there's nothing better than being on a spiritual high here at BMT."

Monday, August 3, 2009

"So it's Monday. I got up at 0230 for KP Duty and washed dishes and took out trash until 2000. Nuff said."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"So today was easy but it just seemed to really drag. We took pictures in the morning both as a flight and individually. Then we spent the rest of the day in the classroom learning some really boring stuff you just have to get through. But I made it and it should be more fun tomorrow. Oh as a note, someone in our brother flight, which is the flight next door whose in the same week as us and who we do EVERYTHING with, ya someone over there was diagnosed with the Swine Flu today. So we just finished deep cleaning and cleansing the dorm. Hopefully that will keep it from jumping to our flight."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Today was certainly productive. This morning we had a CPR class. We did everything we had to do to get certified except take the test. We practiced on dummies and learned to use a defibrulator (sp?) It was fun to have a good hands on class. We also learned how to assemble our giant tents for BEAST next week. We learned the basics and then had races to put up sections. Our flight won every time out of the 4 flights that were there. Finally we had our real inspection on our Blues and I'm proud to say that mine was perfect. What can I say, it's just what I do."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Today was awesomely chill, especially for BMT. Today we had CATM training which stands for Combat Arms Training and Maintenance. It really means that we trained and qualified on the M16. We got to take a bus to a Lackland Annex which means we actually left base and were driving through the real world for the space of like 3 minutes. It was amazing. When we got there we were in a Tech School classroom which had amazingly comfortable chairs and our instructor (who was not a TI) was really relaxed and made class fun. We didn't exactly learn anything in class because we practice all the time with the dummy M16's in the dorm but we had about 3 hours of class. After lunch we went out and sighted the rifle and then practiced in all of the positions we would be evaluated in. The positions were prone supported (on our stomach's with the rifle on a sandbag), prone unsupported (on our stomach's with our elbow's as the ground support), prone supprted with a gas mask (same as #1 but with our gas mask on, this one sucked), kneeling, and standing. For our evaluation we had 50 shots, 10 in each position. We had 3 magazines with 4 shots, 3 shots, and 3 shots. We had to shoot and reload within a set time (50-90 seconds). We had 10 different sized targets on our paper and had to hit each one for every position. To qualify, you had to hit 25 out of 50 and for expert you had to get 43. My score was 40. I'm not too disappointed but it would have been nice to get expert. All but 2 in our flight of 51 qualified so we did awesome as a whole. I think we had 18 experts. Gotta love our Special Ops flight. Apparently the whole base has heard about our flight, that we kick butt at everything. We did CPR with 2 flights from all the way on the other side of the base and they were talking about us before they realized we were next to them. What can I say, we're the best. Anyways, today was a great, relaxed, fun day."

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Today had potential to be fun but to be honest it feel quite short. Reason being is that we had Pugil Stick Training today but I did not get to participate. Just to explain, pugil sticks are like giant q-tips you beat each other with. We got to fight against our Brother flight but apparently we had some issues with shots to the head and our instructor (who happened to be female) got mad and shut everything down. Since we were going by size, shortest to tallest, I was one of about 10 who got shafted and didn't get to fight. Needless to say I was quite disappointed. After that we had 5 classes, 4 of which were horribly boring. But now its relaxation time and I'm going to enjoy it."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"So today was by far the best day of Basic so far. Why is that you ask? Two words, Base Liberty. We spent the morning doing drill practice and as soon as 1300 rolled around we were set free to roam the base until 1930. The freedom was like a sugar rush, I almost didn't know what to do with myself. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on the phone with my lovely wife. I enjoyed real life Burger King, I went to the library and encountered the internet where I chatted with my wife, and then I called my amazing wife again. Today was just what the doctor ordered. I couldn't have asked for a better day."

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