I am sitting hear laughing hysterically because I just ran across an old video from when I lived in Safford going to EAC. It was in 2006 and Cody and I had just met when 3 of my best buddies from high school drove up and surprised me for the weekend. Davey, James, and Grubbs (Mike) are so funny and this video proves it. They found the toilet in my backyard and enjoyed my bowling lane hallway for scootering and skateboarding in outrageously short shorts. There's also a clip from a dance off with the infamous Christy Dobbs who lives in Thatcher and is mentally handicapped but such a sweet girl. Everyone whose ever lived or visited there knows who she is. Enjoy!!


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McGee said...

oh my goodness i am so gald you posted this!! so hilarious! i miss those boys! and loved the dance off! i still remember when you guys came over to our trailer and grubbs was all oh my gosh i can touch the ceiling!! EA..Good times! miss you! love you