Ode to my love!

I can't help it. I have to dedicate a post to my loverface. Cody David Steele is his name. He loves me with a love that I don't deserve. He is so giving, understanding, forgiving, selfless, serving, caring, loving, kind, the list could go on and on. I'll spare you the endlessness of his amazingness. I got to talk to him today. He survived BEAST week. More than survived by the sounds of it. He was in charge of 25 guys and in his own words, his flight "killed it & dominated". It is funny because in his letters and then now today on the phone and online chatting with him, he uses a few words he's picked up. It makes me laugh. I was talking to him though, and being the amazing and humble guy that he is kept brushing off everything I was saying. I know he's had it rougher than me. He's had to deal with not only the emotional stress but he's had to comply with an entirely new and extreme set of standards topped offf with mental and physical stress. He wakes up at 3 in the morning and works all day long. Today I said, "You are so tough. You are so strong and amazing. Everything you do. You are so selfless." His response? The usual. "I just do what I have to do for you and for us to make it." I of course, cried. From the time that I met him, he has always been so understanding. We've had to deal with a lot together and this has been a rough year. I think rough is putting it mildly but we've made it. The only reason being is Cody's strength. When I didn't want to get out of bed, when I couldn't eat, when I didn't want to talk or see anybody, when I was in the hospital, when we lost our jobs, when I felt like I couldn't get through one more day, Cody was there. He was the one pushing through, cleaning the house, taking care of me, doing the laundry, working 10 hour days, making excuses for me, and doing everything he could to make me happy again, and just loving me. He was there. He has the most amazing sense of humor. I think that's one of the reasons we get along so well. People are always saying he doesn't talk much but he does. I love our conversations. We always have the best time together and there is nothing better than hearing his laugh. He really is my very best friend. He has become such an integral part of my identity that there is no me without him. I thank God for him every night. I cannot wait to see him again. This whole, "not seeing him or hearing from him or being anywhere near him" situation has gotten quite old. I'm ready for our new life to start. I just gotta get to the middle of October. I can do it. I can do it because I have Cody.

This is before I met Cody. I call this his downs-syndrome picture.

This was the very first picture we ever took as a couple.

Halloween 2006. Cody as Paul Wall. "Nuff said.

Oh heavens he loves his otter-pops!!

This picture cracks me up. He looks like a wild man all scruffy and hairy.

I love looking back at our engagement photos. Cody looks like a baby!!

He did so well with my ring. Its a rock!!

Cody is such a good friend. Many of his friends are some of my very best friends now and he willingly shares them with me.

He loves my friends too. That means the world to me.

We love to go places together and he spoils me so!!

On our honeymoon, I had pneumonia and I passed it on to Cody. Even though we were so sick, he was the one taking care of me.

He loves all my nieces and nephews so much and is so good with them. He is going to be such an amazing dad. Just another trait to add to the list eh?

He is always making me laugh.

He has the BEST facial expressions.

He's stuck with me through major hair dilemnas.

Now he is off working like a mad man, becoming an Airman so we can get ahead and have a new life. He's perfect :)


Robyn said...

Wonderful blog about Cody! I'm glad he found you and I'm very happy that you love each other so much! I agree that he's something pretty special- but he always was- from the time he was a tiny little baby. I used to have dreams when he was little that someone would one day come to the door and tell me that I had to give him back- that my turn was over and someone else got to have a turn with him now. I'm glad that it's you that gets to have a turn with him! <3 <3 <3

Lindsey Layton said...

What a nice post. I'm so glad he makes you happy! Sorry he's gone for a while... that's always hard :o(

But thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

Jared and Katie Organ said...

Rachelle I am teary eyed! That was beautiful. You are stronger than you think, I can feel it when I read your words. You are a great example to others whether you think so or not. I guess I'm just trying to say your amazing for doing what you are doing!

PS: What do you mean your not going to the midnight showing of New Moon!!!!!!!!! I keep telling everybody how we are all going again. Soooo, you're going woman!!!!