Open mouth, insert foot

A friend found this little gem and shared it. Here's a "miserably failing" metaphor from our oh so beloved President BO. I think it'll speak for itself. Can you say major foot in the mouth? Its things like this that make me pray like crazy that the American public wake up soon.

Just a little tid-bit of information: We pay the head honcho postmaster a 800,000 thousand a year salary with BONUSES on top of that while at the same time USPS is constantly in the red. Last year alone, the USPS reported a 2.8 billion dollar loss! I bet he's thinking, "Oh tele-prompter, where art thou?" I know where it was, he sent it via-USPS.

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Lori said...

I heard that comment this morning on the radio. I can't believe people are so dumb. Government run program failing, while private company flourishing? Hmm. That's okay. Government run health care will SO work!

My dad is a Letter Carrier so he has a front seat to the madness. All his supervisors are getting bonuses while post offices around the valley are having to lay people off. Nice, huh?