No Better Time!

There really is no better time to catch up on blogging than when you're on bed rest. I should know right? Here are some pictures just catchin up on what I have been up to. Here we go sweeties!!

All my buddies took me out on Tuesday night for my "last supper". We had an absolutely fantastic time just laughin and relaxing. After a late dinner at Applebees everyone came over to my mama's house and watched Stardust. Great movie!

Erin is an AMAZING pastry chef. Davey loves baking things too. This last week, or maybe the week before (my days and weeks have all started to blend together) Erin taught Davey how to make this amazingly decadent chocolate cake. A couple days later, we took it to him after he got off of work.

Erin and I in my parents basement all comfy and watching a movie!

Every Sunday, a group of friends gets together for our 4 years and running movie night! It helps keep me busy, and I love these people!

My bestest friend Erin bought me these beautiful flowers about two weeks ago. Flowers just make my day/week!

Aiden was being a stinkpot so I handcuffed him. Unbenounced to me, He knew how to get right out!

This is from Amber' birthday. Aiden really really likes blowing out the candles even when they aren't for him. After the 3rd time of him blowing them out, we held him back so Amber could blow them out and he was so broken-hearted.

The perfect "blowing out the candles" picture. Happy Birthday sister!!

It was kind of an ordeal to get the kids to take a picture for their Uncle Cody but I think we succeeded.

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