Some People Be Crazy

There's a thin line between enthusiasm in an interest and obsession.
There's a thin line between appreciation for unique things and a tendency towards the uh.... impractical? That's putting it lightly.

Some people have compulsions that are strange and some people, well, some people be crazy.

If anyone can sympathize and understand the desire and need for a baby, its me. This lady though, is beyond the normal desire and in dire need of psychiatric help. If you are on government assistance as your sole source of income and livelihood, you should NOT be spending every cent of it on a fake baby, let alone thinking of getting it a sibling. Nuts. And her poor daughter!!

Like I said, some people be crazy.

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Mrs. Y said...

I have a "real baby" doll. I got it after my hysterectomy and cervical cancer ordeal. I do not treat it as a real baby though. I heard of them when diagnosed with cancer and thought yes I'll treat myself to one, two hundred bucks. Because I was going to be going through a lot. My kids have played with it, my daughter mostly. For me it's a toy that yes looks like a real baby but is not. Oh now I feel like I neglect this toy lol it doesn't have a name or sex :/ I'm a bad doll mommy. But seriously that girl is crazy!!! My husband and I soon will be doing IVF and finding a surogant.

Brittany Sommer said...

That girl is cray cray. Even after having a miscarriage with our first and still not getting pregnant again, I would never be nutso enough to do that. You gotta feel bad for her, though. That's an intense amount of desperation right there.

A Creed and A Psalm said...

I agree with Brittany - that must be desperation/crazy at its worst. I understand wanting a baby more than anything, but I hardly think carting around a doll would telling strangers it's real would make me feel any more complete. I know people go through a lot with IVF and all that, but a doll??? And the fact that she's on government assistance just makes me shake my head. What is up with people??

JG said...

Wow, see to me, that's more than an obsession, that sounds like a mental illness. You're right, her poor daughter!

ANDY LUKE said...

Yeah, there is something not right in that there head of hers! It is interesting that fake babies like that exist and to such a realistic extent. Makes me wonder what is next!?