Call For Help

I can't even begin to tell everyone how utterly grateful I am for all of your help in sharing Daphne's story!! Even more so, Danielle, Drew and Daphne are feeling every ounce of love, peace, prayers, and thoughts coming their way from thousands of strangers.

I am overwhelmed and humbled to know such incredible and giving people. In the last 24 hours alone, approximately 4800 people have either been told about or read about this precious miracle baby girl.

Its incredible.

Now I need your help once more. Its going to be just as simple as it was to share her story and just as vital to helping this strong little family.

Medical bills are expensive. It takes a lot of money to help miracles along. The world of medicine is truly awe-inspiring but it comes with a price.

The very last thing any of us would ever want to deal with or think about, were it us in a dire and trying situation, would be, "How on Earth are we going to pay for this?" Its more than a nagging thought, it can be a huge weight at the pit of our stomachs.

I have had many people emailing me, asking me what they can send to help Danielle, Drew, and Daphne along this tough road they are currently on. People have already begun to send blankets and little toys, things to make everything just a bit brighter for them. Now, I will say that it takes A LOT of courage to say you need help. It takes an enormous swallowing of one's pride to admit you can't do it all and then ask for the assistance of others. I don't think anyone would dispute that.

Insurance exists.
A necessary evil ;)
Its truly a blessing for Daphne and her family right now.
The other thing about insurance, there are co-pays, deductibles, premiums...

For Daphne's insurance to be covered, Danielle needs to be working. As you can imagine, returning to work while things are still unsure and unstable as far as her baby girl is concerned, is unthinkable yet payments, LARGE payments, still need to be made.

Now here is what can be done to help.

You can contact me @ rachelleorgan @ gmail (dot) com if you are wishing to send either a check or any other monetary donation. I will be able to provide you with the information to be put on a check and a mailing address where it can be received.

If you are a business owner, crafter, have an Etsy shop or any other sort of creative talent you share with the world, there are a few options.

You can offer a promotion in which your products or services will be discounted for a time, then either all or a portion of the proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well. 

You can hold an online auction where items you wish to sell can be bid on, maybe starting from a  minimum price then either all or a portion of the proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well.

You could raffle off items, or a collection of items. People who wish to enter pay a small amount and then the raffle proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well. In a raffle, you could make more money than if you sold off each item at your normal price!

Just think, you'd be doing a small act of heroism for this baby girl and her family. Your talents would be doing SO MUCH GOOD!

In addition to you doing an incredible thing, anyone who hosts any sort of giveaway, auction, raffle, fundraiser... anything, will be featured here on this blog and linked up all over the inter-webs.

I have a few other possible things in the works for fundraising and if any of those things happen, I will share those as well.

PLEASE continue to share Daphne's story and make a small sacrifice by donating in any way to this beautiful little girl.

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Mel said...

So glad I could be a part of it!