I Am Behind

Yes, we all have one but my glorious badonkadonk is NOT my issue right now.
It's the fact that I am so BEHIND on pretty much everything.

Finishing painting projects.
Starting furniture projects... one is a year behind.

See, I told you.

Really though, I have zero excuse.
I know I'm behind and I know exactly why.

When I PLAN on being productive, it does NOT happen.
Today was supposed to be a slew of projects and productivity.

Guess what I did?
Worked on slimming down my DVR and ate Valentine's Conversation Hearts.
Not the nasty tum/chalky kind, the sweettarts kind.
Or as the bag says, "Tart & Sassy"

Kind of like me.

Anyway, I have about 5 giveaways I'll be putting up soon and as promised, the Lovelies who entered my last one, will be getting something fun.

I hope they think its fun.
I very well could have failed at that too.

For now Lovelies, thanks for sticking with me!!



Mel said...

Always, sweetheart. Always. :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

Meh. Sometimes we all need a DVR/Candy Hearts day! Looking forward to seeing what you're giving away!

Amanda said...

I'm the SAME way.. DVR when I should be being productive. Oh how awesome of me.