Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Oh my Lovelies! 

Its time for a giveaway!! Yay!

This giveaway is brought to us by PatriotSurplus.com!! They contacted me before Christmas and asked if I would be interested in hosting a giveaway for them. I said, "Yes!" and now here we are.

For those unfamiliar with PatriotSurplus.com, it is a wonderful company started up, owned, and operated by a former Marine named Steve Berg. It began in a basement and recently moved to a warehouse in Pennsylvania due to fast growth along with a small retail store. They carry all sorts of military uniform and surplus along with hunting camouflage and supplies.

The wonderful thing about PatriotSurplus.com is that they carry a lot more options for uniforms and boots all while keeping up with regulations (of course) and its less expensive than base/post run Clothing Issue. If you or your military loved one are stationed somewhere that may not be close to an actual military outpost, it can be frustrating and expensive buying badges, patches, cami's, dress uniforms, boots, PT gear, etc. All of the things that military members are required to have can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase but with PatriotSurplus.com, those hassles are alleviated!

You don't have to take my word for it though, you can go learn all about them and their amazing products and customer service HERE.

Now for what one lucky winner will be recieving.....

PatriotSurplus.com has graciously offered $25 for one lucky Lovely! Great right?!

If only I had gotten this a few months back when we had to buy some new Dress Blues shoes for Mr. Superman. 

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment saying you want to win and what you would put the 25$ toward. You must include a valid email address at which you can be contacted.

This giveaway opens now and will stay open until Midnight PST, Wednesday, January 11th. One winner will be chosen and once announced on the blog and emailed is obligated to respond within 24 hours otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Be sure to go and check PatriotSurplus.com out and keep them in mind for all of your military uniform and supply needs!!


Melanie said...

I would use the money towards a fleece. :D


Birdie said...

I wanna win! I would put the money toward the "Deluxe Army Digital Camo M.O.L.L.E. Long Range Assault Pack". I spilled paint all over my husbands and I need to replace it!

irish birdie@gmail .com

Val said...

I would buy it my husband a new hat and some socks since he won't get rid of the ones he has and they are nasty!

Val said...

I would buy a new hat and some socks for my husband. The ones he has are nasty and he won't get rid of them.

Whitney said...

Hey! I don't know if I am eligible, but if so, I would LOVE to win and use the money to help Kev buy some new boots that he has been wanting for over a year.

Thanks love!
Whit dreamerwhit9@hotmail.com

Mrs. Y said...

I want to win!! I would buy my husband new boots as he needs his replaced


Brittany Sommer said...

The man who has it all could use a fleece so that's what I would get! brittany.sommer@yahoo.com

Amanda said...

This is great! Especially for us since he is overseas and we aren't technically attached to a unit here.

I'd use it to help with a new set of ACU's for when he gets home. That way I won't have to scrub the sand out of the others quite so much. ;)


Katie said...

That's such an awesome website and I didn't know about them! Frank is probably going to need new boots soon, so I'd put them towards boots! It would be a nice discount!


A Creed and A Psalm said...

I would just hand it over to the hubs so he could get what he needed! Probably some more blues shirts or another set of ABU's!

Allie said...

So cool! My husband just picked up so I'd like to put money towards Sgt things (patches, rank insignia etc) or get him some new socks. His are holey and so gross.


Gabrielle said...

I would get my husband some warm heavy duty gloves...He's from TX and we are now in CO and he's always cold.