A Baby Named Aiden

Aiden is our little buddy. We are so attached to him and can't even imagine being away from him for so long when we move. We love all of our nieces and nephews but we have been so close to Aiden since he was born. He is such a cute little boy and he has started to get his stinker pot side.
I have some pictures and a video of him. He has been saying a few words here and there and I have been trying SO hard to get him to say my name before we move. He's so ornery and thinks its funny to say different words instead of Auntie Chelle. The other pictures are from him laying on the table, sitting on the toilet and from our trek out with Nana (my BIL Jeff's mom) to Deseret Book and Elephant Bar today. The pictures where he is making a funny face is because he was chomping down on some lemon rinds. He is such a crack up.
He definitely keeps us all on our toes and no matter what he does, his blue eyes and baby smile make up for it all.

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Holly said...

I love that you said " Stinker pot"
heheh.. too funny