Domestic Diva? Only when I'm With My Sister

Alright for all of you who know me, you know that when I got married I didn't cook. At all. I was capable, I just hated doing it. Not my thing at all. Mr. Superman can attest to the fact that I cook though. I do it quite a bit. I bake every once in a while too.
Well since we're moving soon and I fall under the currently unemployed bracket, I spend most of my time with my sister Amber. She is ten years older than me but we're still pretty close. Aiden is her youngest, the baby Loverface and I are extremely attached to. The other day we did some grocery shopping then made some yummy salsa, breakfast burritos and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Everything turned out so so good and I took pictures to prove that I actually cooked!
I also helped do Halloween decorations and I mastered the spiderwebs outside. I don't have a house to decorate so I help Amber out whenever I can. Whenever we get together we make at least one Sonic run. We love our Route 44 Dr. Pepper. The picture of Abby (her 3rd child) is of her princess hair. I did her hair fancy and she looked so pretty so I took a picture.


ginger said...

what the heck! I wasn't invited! :)you guys'll have to call me next time there's baking involved... i could prolly use some tips from amber as well! abhy looks so adorable.

Holly said...

When you move you should work at 1800 contacts.. you can work from home... Hey, I do it.. its not THAT bad