Big News!!

So Mr. Superman & I finally received some really exciting news that we've been waiting for for quite some time now.... Is everyone ready? Mr. Superman was FINALLY awarded his scholarship! I know what you're thinking, big news, yeah right. Well it's big to us! We've been waiting since July for this. Having to make payments towards his tuition was literally sucking us dry but he found out today he got it. It is a huge load off of our minds and eases so much stress, especially with all of the upcoming moving expenses. We're so happy about it and know it is a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

Another thing I had wanted to share happened a few weeks ago. When we got back from Utah a couple weeks ago we came home to an unbelievably ginormous stack of bills. Fun, fun, fun! We were praying and praying that we'd be able to pay them all. I had a strong feeling that we needed to post Mr. Superman's dirt bike on Craigslist. We had been trying to sell it for almost a year and Loverface was pretty doubtful. All I said was we need to try again. Right now. So we did. Not even twenty minutes later did I go check his email (he was at school) and there was five responses/offers. I got so excited and responded to all of them. We ended up selling it two days later and got double what we had expected for it. We were able to pay everything we needed to and that was another huge blessing for us. I know this scholarship is too. There were a lot of qualifications to meet and not many people were going to be chosen. I am so so so grateful for the blessings we get! That's our big news. Ha, I know its not nearly as big as Gin's (my sister in law just found out she's expecting their fourth) but its big to us!


ginger said...

hey that's totally cool about the scholarship & selling the dirt bike. it seems like it happens when you most need it. we need something to sell right now! i thought maybe a different announcement! :) but seriously how nice is that.

Robyn said...

I am thrilled that the scholarship came through and also that you finally sold the dirt bike! Wow! Tender mercies of the Lord pop up at some pretty amazing times. Remember to call your mother! Love you guys!