We love being an Uncle and Auntie! There's so many cute kiddies in my family thanks to my sister and brothers. Here are pictures of two of our nephews whom are not in the family picture at our wedding.
Tanner is the cute blonde one.The picture was from back in May of this year. Mr. Superman & I sat with Tanner at the temple and took him to the Visitor's Center when Katie (SIL) & Jared (Brother) were going through to get sealed (LDS ceremony).

The other two are of Mr. Superman and I taking our turns holding the newest addition to the Organ family. Parker Scott is Jared & Katie's newest. He was born August 6th. What can we say? We have the cutest nephews & nieces ever.


Jeff and Jenna Johnson said...

Hey Rachelle! Congrats on getting sealed this month! That is so exciting! Your wedding pics are so pretty and you guys have such an awesome family! I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you all because of Katie and Jared!

Jared and Katie Organ said...

Hey lady! I'm glad you found the pics. I made sure to put everyones pics with Parker since we had them all. I am so excited to go to the temple for your sealing also. Just to be inside and feel the spirit. I haven't been to the temple since Parker eas born. Almost 2 months now. anyways, c-ya tonight!

Robyn said...

I am so proud of the two of you for making it to the temple to be sealed in the year- as close to your anniversary as you can get! Such a blessing for me too! See you soon!
Love Mom

Bre said...

Hey Girl!!! Oh my gosh...you and Cody are freaking adorable!!! I'm so glad you found me! Well this is a good way for us to keep in touch, have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon!

Katie Savvy Steele said...

Way to be! I'm so glad you guys are getting sealed- I cannot wait to see you a couple of days! Much love until then- you are always in my prayers. :)

Kara said...

Congratulations Rachelle!! The temple is amazing and I am so excited for you!!

PS, this is Kara Keeling (Schmidt) if you didn't know :)