Hello all! it was that time again. Birthday time that is. Cody turned 21 yesterday and I did my absolute hardest to make it a good day for him. He was lucky enough to be able to sleep in. I then piled his presents onto his lap and as you will see in the pictures, he was still half asleepish.

My parents got him a George Foreman Grill. Dont let the yawn fool you, he is really excited. I got him jelly bellies, a movie, and my mom also got him two shirts he is really excited for as well. Robyn, his mom, got us a new washer. Yae!!!

After presents I made him an amazing breakfast if I do say so myself. After which we just relaxed for most of the day. We did go to his Nana's house later and had a good dinner with his mom and nana and sisters. he also got another gift from his mom and his nana which were so sooo grateful for. He then of course has his customary funfetti cake that had been refrigerated. We then had a great evening just being together.

I love this man so much! He is so absolutely amazing and treats me so well. I am incredibly lucky to be with him.


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day Cody. Hope you had a good day. Sorry we missed the funfetti cake. We miss you guys.

Robyn said...

He is pretty amazing! I'm glad it was a good birthday and I am glad you have each other!

Jared and Katie Organ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY!! Glad you gys could have such a great day together! We sure miss you guys! And wow whoever's house your at in that last pic has some awesome cabinet space! I know i'm a dork. haha

ginger said...

HAPPY BDAY CODY! cake sounds good! seriously maybe i'll have to go make one to celebrate ;) glad you guys had a good day. congrats on the news for the airforce.