So this is actually old news but I havent shared it yet so I thought I would. I was finally able to find a job about three weeks after we moved here. Its a nanny position and I am so stoked for it. Its just one baby boy. He is about 11 weeks old now. SOOOO cute too. Its even more fantastic because its a secure job!! Both of the parents are doctors so I won't be getting let go. HAHA

Second bit of news is that we're pregnant!!!


Oh man I wish! So after searching and searching and nothing happening we gave up and Cody took the position doing maintenance here at the apartments. Last resort but its good. He just started on Monday. So he comes in for lunch today and lo and behold he had gotten a call and he has a new job! He will be doing medical billing like 3 miles away from where we live for a great company. They have good benefits too I think and he will finally be making more than he was at Rural Metro. YAAAAEE.

So we are happy campers and just thought we'd share it with you guys.

PEACE &hearts


Caroline Steele said...

Haha, knew you were kidding... if you weren't, we'd better not have heard about it from your blog first! :) Yay for jobs, though!

ginger said...

oh you're hillarious!! love the baby face :) i'm so glad you guys found some jobs. have fun

Jared and Katie Organ said...

That's not fuuny! I was so excited, darn it! Anyways glad you guys are doing so great!

Katie Savvy Steele said...
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Katie Savvy Steele said...

Scared me for a second! Aaaah!

Monica said...

Tannery Court misses you!!! Where did you get this background...SO cute!