some melo-drama and tmi

alright people i know my last post was a little crazy but i had to share. so its back to the job search and so far there is nothing but we're keepin the faith. it always seems as if it doesnt just rain on us it tends to pour but it always makes us a whole lot stronger.

on sunday after i got that infamous phone call i got hit with something i absolutely dread. bad cramps people. women you all know what im talking about. no fun no fun. monday was worse and tuesday was horrible. i was throwing up and passing out from the pain so cody had his cousin whitney come sit with me until he got home. she is such a sweetheart!!

to top it all off i now have a uti so im dealing with that so hopefully the antibiotics will have this all taken care of just in time for us to have a good weekend.

we didnt do much on valentines day, us being broke and all but we were so excited just to be able to spend some time together. we had an all night movie marathon and had so much fun.

we still are having to do our laundry over at cody's nana's house but its not too bad. it means we get plenty of visit time with his family and cody gets to practice his pool skills. i think there has only been like 3 times he has beat me. i must say i kick his butt more often than not when it comes to billiards. he does take the cake with guitar hero though.

thats it for us. we hope all is well with you in your busy lives. love you!!

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