FIRST OFF!! Let me just say how disappointed I am in every single one of you (MAINLY FAMILY) for thinking that we would have the gall and the audacity, not to mention the lack of consideration for your feelings. We would NEVER, I repeat NEVER post something as fantastic and exciting as us expecting a baby on our blog without FIRST letting you all know personally or over the phone. *This goes for you too Miss Amelia*

Now that that is over with, I would like to share with you what I consider to be the best stuff ever. What I do every day, and what I see while I am there.

This my dear friends is SIROHI. He is the most mellow baby ever and I am lucky enough to be his nanny. He is so much fun to just hang out with all day.

Now Sirohi lives in what I consider to be a castle. He and his parents reside in The Avenues. This used to not mean much to me but now that I have been there for a bit, I now realize and appreciate the beauty tht is in The Avenues.

There are the biggest and most beautiful homes I have ever seen. The view out the expansive windows are spectacular and are made even more so in a snow storm. Take a gander.

These are views that are normally clear and usually would show the massive State Capital Bldg and most of the downtown skyline.

This is a look out the back and then upwards to the house behind.

I being the dreamer that I am told Cody that if we get stuck here after he is done with school, I mean long enough for us to need a home, I would want an Avenues home.

I know, I know... DREAM BIG.


Caroline Steele said...

Hey, *I* knew you were kidding! :)

Caroline Steele said...

Hey, *I* knew you were kidding! :)

Katie Savvy Steele said...

It was just a gut reaction! Like, there was no time to think about it, the words were just there! And then I realized you wouldn't do something like that. But it was those seconds before thinking that scared me.
Haha. Cute kid, you're lucky to be his nanny!