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Well we have already notified family of this huge decision so the next step is letting our friends and blog stalkers know whats going on. Here goes.

Cody is enlisting in the US Air Force. Now take a breath and relax. This is something that we have been thinking about for nearly two years and have come to the conclusion that this is whats right for our family. This is a decision that is pertaining to us and our lives. This is something that is only directly affecting Cody & I and support is greatly appreciated.

As some of you may know Cody had a scholarship with the Air Force in high school but lost it due to his knees. When we moved to Utah we thought we'd be able to get ahead in finances and finish school and get a great job lined up but things haven't quite gone that well. We both got jobs and after three weeks both got laid off due to whatever reasons. This is something that brought us yet again to the USAF. We deliberated and of course prayed and this is the decision we have come to. He is in the middle of paperwork right now but we are hoping to get released for the next job drop which is the second week of March.

If all goes as planned he would be selected for the next drop and go to Texas for 8 1/2 weeks of Basic Training. After that is completed he is then sent to Tech School to get trained for his new job. If the school is more than 20 weeks (5 months) I would get to go live on the base with him. After Tech School he would then be assigned his station. That is where our new residence would be. Whatever base he gets assigned to he would be working there and doing night school. The cool thing is that Cody will be able to select jobs that would put him closer to his goal of completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Also, while in Tech school, he is receiving college credits. He would have at least 25 more credit hours by the time Tech School is completed.

Another great thing is that since Cody has already completed over 45 credit hours (he has over 60) he is already promoted and that gives us a higher pay grade right off the bat even for BT. After he has completed his Bachelor's he will then be able to apply for Officer status and that bumps us up even higher with the salary.

We are so excited at this new opportunity and are completely confident in this decision. Support from my family is strong which is so helpful especially since we'll be separated for so long. Once he is officially enlisted Cody will be driving me down to Arizona to stay with my sister until his Basic Training is completed. I am so excited to be able to be back with my family!

We do realize things will take a little bit longer with this route but this is giving us stability, and in the long run, so much more than we would get from anything else. Yes it'll be tough but we are ready and willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of our future and our family.

Well wishes are welcome. We love you all and hope all is well with you in your lives.


Cody & Rachelle Steele

(Delegated by Mr. Cody himself)


Jared and Katie Organ said...

What! Oh my, I had no idea, but that is so great! The military is a great place to get ahead. It'll be super hard to be away from each for sure but it will be great to have you here again! We are so excited for you guys and know that it will all work out. We will of course be praying for you both!! We love you!

Rylin Photography said...

I love how I am included in that family statement! I am excited for you to be back here....hopefully.

Chris & Teesha said...

oh my gosh wow what a suprise! we are so excited for you guys and for what will come in the recent future! Cool that you will be back in az maybe i will finally get to see you before you move away again! it's been forever!