Don't You Worry Mrs. S. With Like Sunshine After Rain

Hey there Lovelies! I am missing from the bloggy world for a bit as I travel from Arizona back to Georgia and embark on an internetless journey of finding a house and turning it into a home before Mr. Superman arrives home. Until then, enjoy all of my Lovelies who will be entertaining you and be sure to show them a lot of love! I am so excited to have Katie here from Like Sunshine After Rain. She's my twinner and one of my BFF's for real.  When I read her post, I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, how did she know?!" I love her to death and so will you so go check her out.

When Mrs. S. asked me to guest blog for her, I did a little happy dance. You see, other than the fact that Mrs. S. is a bit of a celebrity in the Mil-Spouse blogging world, she's also pretty much my twin. If one of us has done something in our life, has had something happen to us or caught some strange, 2 in 301,938,503 chance disease and explains it in one of our emails, the facts are that the other will write back, "You're not going to believe this, but I've done that to, had that happen and whoa, 1+1=2 and that's so me and you."

I've been wracking my brain for a week about what to write for you, Mrs. S' fabulous readers, that would live up to her standards. My husband and I were on base this weekend and it finally hit me.

We were running a bunch of errands and happened to drive past the buses, you know the one's, every military spouse, significant other, family member, fiancee and girlfriend's best and worst nightmare, pulling into a homecoming. I immediately started grinning and wiping tears from my face, all at the same time.

And then, as we turned the corner, I started giggling. Frank was looking at me, waiting for an explanation, but it was one of those pathetic giggle attacks, where you just can't do anything except giggle and gasp for air. I finally calmed down enough to say to him, "Those buses just made me remember my biggest fear about your last homecoming. I've never told you before because it was so stupid and irrational, but I couldn't stop worrying about it until I was actually in your arms again."

I was scared he wouldn't remember what I looked like. I was scared that he would get off the bus and not be able to find me, even if I was right in front of him, because he literally wouldn't remember what I looked like.

Frank just looked at me, did some giggling of his own and asked me if I was serious. I told him that yes, I was serious. We had only been dating eight months prior to him leaving for eight months and I knew he had a lot more on his mind in Afghanistan than the color of my eyes and the length and/or color of my hair. I was petrified that he wouldn't remember who I was. It was irrational and definitely laughable, but at the time, a very real fear.

So, here it is, my advice to Mrs. S. Don't worry your pretty little head off that Mr. Superman won't remember what you look like. We are twins, so I know the thought has crossed your mind. For starters, you're way too fabulous and too freaking hot to forget and well, they just don't forget. They're good like that.


annoyed army wife said...

AAAHHHHH! Oh my gosh, I thought about sending OccDoc a photo of me with my new hair cut so he would be able to find me at the airport. This post came at the perfect time!

I call Mrs. S a celebrity, too. LOL!

chambanachik said...

She definitely is a celebrity!

Cute story. :)

Katie said...

Welp, it's agreed! Mrs. S is a celebrity!!

Annoyed Army Wife, you're so freaking skinny now that you might have to wear a name tag or something!! <3